7 Reasons why the English Love Shane Warne

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Yesterday we featured an article on 10 things to love about Graeme Swann. Some cricket fans outside of the UK might just view that as an Englishmen patting another one on the back at the amazement of finally producing a good spinner. But the reality of the situation is that the English simply appreciate class when they see it, irrespective of where you come from. And that’s something that Shane Warne has in abundance. Some fans love Shane Warne more than life itself. Why is he loved like an adopted son? I looked into it and came up with 7 compelling reasons…

1. That Ball

Commonly coined the “Ball of the Century” in cricketing circles, what a way to announce yourself on the world cricketing stage. Mike Gatting, one of the most technically sound batsman, is left dumbfounded with his bat hung out to dry as the ball viciously drifts inwards way down leg side then rips away perpendicular to clip the top of off stump.

2. Australia lose the Ashes and he still takes 40 Wickets

Warne performs in 2005

Warne performs in 2005

In a year when the Aussies were humbled only one of them stood up and was counted. No surprises it was Shane Warne taking 40 wickets at an average of 20. He just loves to play against the English no matter the conditions or occasion.

3. Hair Loss Advertisements

look at what that infra red treatment has done for his hair

look at what that infra red treatment has done for his hair

You’ve got to be either desperate for cash or have a sense of humour to appear in these commercials that are probably one notch up from their longer lasting erection counterpart. Shane Warne certainly has a sense of humour and you rarely see him playing cricket without a beaming smile on his face.

4. Oh and this Ball . . . (“Ball of the 21st Century?”)

Strauss was left completely bamboozled by this one. As he shoulders arms the balls rips back a meter and a half to crash into middle peg. Strauss seems to be one of those batsman Warney likes as he was also the 700th victim of Warne’s dazzling career. This ball was so good that it has fuelled debates surrounding the worthiness of the ball of the century. Anyhow, you never know; it could yet still be the ball of the 21st Century.

5. Because England had Gilo

Ashley Giles - King of Spain

Ashley Giles - King of Spain

England was  crying out for a world class spinner for decades. Yet during an illustrious period for Australia with Warne firing on all cylinders England had the likes of Ashley Giles (aka King of Spain) tweaking away.

Here’s a snapshot of one England fan admitting his love of Warney.

“I’m an englishman, and there is no doubt warne is the greatest cricketer of all time, the man is an absolute genius. We have the likes of Giles who has an orgasm when he turns a ball 2 inches, Warne can turn a ball a whole yard – he is a legend – the greatest ever!”

6. Straight Talking

Straight talking sportsman are few and far between. In a world where the cliche is king Shane Warne bucks that trend in a massive way. He might not have the Queen’s english, silver spoon upbringing or grace you’d associate with a David Gower but when he talks you listen. You won’t ever hear those blackboard scratching  phrases such as “you know” or “at the end of the day” uttered from his lips. A press conference with Warney is always an avid listen.

7. Because in a Strange Way Warney loves the English too

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