Ashes 2010: 10 Things to Love About Graeme Swann

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Ashes 100-1 Countdown: 72 Days Until the Ashes…

In the latest installment of our Ashes 100-1 countdown feature we look at a cricketer that seems to divide opinion. He’s a cricketer who could just be England’s ace in the hole for the upcoming Ashes series. But whilst I love Graeme Swann, others hate his guts. Take Sid from Thoughts from the Dustbin who puts Swann at the very top of his Smack List of cricketers he’d love to punch with the following caption:

“Graeme Swann – isn’t this a face you’d like to whack with a banana?” – Sid

As a proud Englishmen I put myself in the other camp and in a big way. What’s not to love about Graeme Swann?

Here’s 10 Things to Love About Graeme Swann

1. He’s a good English-spinner- Contrary to popular belief, that isn’t an oxy-moron. They do exist. He’s living proof… and in March 2010, Swann became the first English off-spinner since Jim Laker to take 10 wickets in a match.

2. He’s the best spin bowler in the world – With Murali retiring and Warne long gone Swann has taken on the mantle of being the best spin bowler in the world.  Over 100 wickets at an average of 26.55 and a strike rate of 54 is far superior than any bowler in world cricket today. That’s a strike rate on a par with the now legendary cricketer Stuart MacGill.

3. He has a funny knack of taking wickets in his first over – That makes him a game-changer in my book and we like game-changers at World Cricket Watch.

4. Graeme Swann spins the ball more than any other finger spinner in the game – The ECB research people have developed Trackman, a piece of kit which monitors a spinner’s revolutions on the ball revealing the stunning findings. And you can’t argue with technology.

5. His name is Graeme – Graeme or Graham is a great cricketing name. Whichever spelling think Gooch, Thorpe, Onions, Pollock and many more. It just works.

6. He bats aggressively – It’s great to see a batsman who is prepared to swing the bat and go over the top as Sylvester Stallone did. He’s in the Sehwag mould with a lot less talent but we can still admire the sentiment.

7. He loves animals – A great trait in anybody’s book. He risked life and limb to rescue his beloved cat, and if I was in the same boat I’d have done the same too.

8. He’s a Joker in the Pack – Contrary to popular belief Graeme Swann is not the “Marcus North” of the English dressing room. He’s a bit of a joker and great for team morale. Nice traits indeed.

9. He’s an esteemed member of the Cricketing Twitterati – Following Swanny on Twitter is a must for cricket fans. 67,000 people can’t be wrong.

10. He’s the future – No doubt Swanny was a late bloomer when it came to the international arena, but the man has longevity. A career in the media surely awaits this much loved figure. Look out Bumble.

This list could grow and grow…

Love or Hate Swanny? Let’s talk about it!

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  1. says

    Swann is a good spinner – that’s exactly why I don’t like him. He has no right to be when he’s so annoying.

    If he’s the best spinner in the world, though, it’s surely only because he has little competition. And as a devoted fan of Hauritz, that’s difficult to say.

    I have one quibble, though – you don’t really believe the story about the cat under the floorboards, do you? That was evidently a silly excuse for the drink driving. Come on people!

  2. David Siddall says

    What’s so annoying about him? Just that he’s good?

    You certainly have a point Sid when you say the competition is thin on the ground. And to be fair Hauritz did go blow for blow with him in The Ashes 2009. But Hauritz’s (av 31) career stats are not close to Swann’s (26.5).

    In regards to Graeme Swann the “cat rescuer” supreme, irrespective of whether it’s true, it’s a pretty funny story. I think what really gets up the Aussie’s noses is the english fan’s love for Swanny when they even dare to compare him to Warney!

  3. Jimi Stees says

    Every club has one or two Graeme Swann(‘s). Usually they’re overweight, balding, sink more beer than three men combined, and have long ago given up on finding love in their lives.

    They do, however, know how to take wickets.
    They do this by sending down a combination of well flighted pies and balls you wanna smack out of the park, with a sprinkling of genuinely good off spin deliveries that actually demand a little respect. Problem is, the guy bowling to you looks more like the guy who asked for a some change yesterday so respect isn’t naturally forthcoming.

  4. Allan R says

    WHOA, best spinner in the world? Umm Not only do I think that Monty is better (not going well for reasons off topic) but you all forgotten Dan Vetori? By far the best finger spinner in the world by some margin (Muralli was more an elblow and wrist spinner, chucking aside he used alot more then fingers to impart spin). And sid, Hauritz has no right to be in any national side, he’s done an ok job and since being picked and has bowled the best I have ever seen him, but Jason Krazier is far better and more agressive. Swanns been around for what 12 – 18 months? See how he goes in time before making a world best claim. What about Harbijan as well.


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