Ashes 2010: Can the Ashes 2005 and 2009 Series Inspire the England Players?

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Ashes 100-1 Countdown: 59 Days Until the Ashes…

In arguably one of the most tenuous pieces of our 100- 1Ashes countdown feature we draw upon some remarkable footage that just might inspire England to win down under for the first time since 1987. With 59 days to go until the opening test at The Gabba maybe the magical moments of 2005 (Yes 5) and 2009 (Yes 9)Ashes series – that makes 59 – could be a catalyst for victory.  I told you this one was tenuous but nevertheless, here’s two cracking videos:


The 10 Most Memorable Moments of the 2005 Ashes

The Heroics of Broad and Swann in the Oval Test 2009

Ok, so we haven’t mentioned 2003 and 2007. Let’s just forget about those. An Ashes series down under is a far more daunting prospect too.

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  1. Allan R says

    Kaspa’s wicket should and shouldn’t be in there. Sure it was a massive moment but he wasn’t out, or shouldn’t have been out anyway. Although I must say watching it live when it happened it did look out, and I agreed with the desicion the umpire made. Thats where the decision review system comes into play. But, it wasn’t used then and apparently isn’t being used now, as from the little test cricket I have seen in the last 12 months, I have not seen it used. Why, I don’t know.

  2. David Siddall says

    It’s used now but only when the technology is present at grounds. For example it was used in the Eng-Pak series just gone.

  3. Allan R says

    Seems a bit rediclulous. Why doesn’t the ICC go and put the facilities in each ground. It’s farcical if they just leave it up to local television companies or the local cricketing board. I immagine that almost all of the poorer nations and boards will not have the facilities, ever. Just too low a priority. Whnd while they are at it, they can install 4 off those super slow mo camereas in line with the batting crease on each side for run outs, get rid of those inbetween frames not outs.

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