Ashes 2010: Contrasting Predictions from 3 All Time Legends

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Ashes 100-1 Countdown: 15 Days Until the Ashes

Exploring a number of different avenues, it appears that this Ashes series in wide open. The betting markets unsurprisingly still have Australia as odds on favourites – home soil and recent history only points one way. Meanwhile the cricket websites’ Ashes Poll 2010 tells a completely different story with some very optimistic England fans – approximately 58% I’m guessing – who are backing the visitors for a historic victory. Based on this kind of evidence I think we need a third opinion; and who better to turn to than 3 all time legends and personal heroes.

The first interview I’m referring to is with the greatest England all-rounder of them all. It’s none other than the highly patriotic Ian Botham doing a McGrathesque impression when asked the difficult question:

The second interview, courtesy of 888, features two legends. Shane Warne needs no introduction. Meanwhile Steve Claridge is a legend in his own right who’s probably not so well known to the well versed cricket fan. He is a retired footballer who played up front for the greatest football team in the world – Leicester City – and is famous for securing promotion to the Premier League with the best “shinned” goal you will likely ever see. Unlike Beefy, Messrs Warne and Claridge take a much more measured approach.

All things considered – poll, betting markets and somewhat patriotic experts – what would you guess for the scoreline outcome for the Ashes 2010? I’m intiruged to know…

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  1. says

    This is a tough one to call. The poll has England in the lead, but only just. Obviously, I think Australia will win it but I am going to say that. I am actually kacking myself over it. To be hones I think the only edge Australia will have is home ground advantage. If we were in England this time around, no chance for Australia.

    Should be a good series, as Warney said.

  2. David Siddall says

    I think a crowdsourcing option with some noble cricket writers might be an interesting thing to do…

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