Ashes 2010: Cricket as an Artform Like No Other (Video)

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Ashes 100-1 Countdown: 37 Days Until the Ashes…

If you ever wanted further proof that cricket is an artform just as much as it is a sport, here it is. The clip above features high motion, super slow motion footage of some of the highlights of the 2005 Ashes series. This relatively new found technology n cricket provides us the opportunity to witness cricket in a perspective never experienced before. And they say youtube is low res! Enjoy.

Our personal highlights:

1:33 Hayden plunders a drive using the full face of the bat and holds the pose transfixed on the ball for ages.

2:00 Trescothick’s forward defensive stroke that practically levitates and suspends above his head

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  1. Allan R says

    Nice vid. But a far more usefull purpose for those cameras is for run outs. There should be one either side of the wicket at both ends so no more “in between frame” runouts. Seen so many now where you know in your mind that the bails were off before crossing the crase, tey it’s between frames and the batsman is home in the next frame but the bails are about 2 feet away. It has to be given not out as there is no proofe he is out, but with the super slow motion that can be eliminated. And on the point of technology, how is it that indian cricket grounds don’t have all the facilities for the referal system? With the ammount of money they have over there, hell Dohni could donate 1% of his earnings to get all that technology in place. Especially when the comm games tennis stadium was the most technoligically advanced in the world with more hawkey and other bits then you could poke a stick at.

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