Ashes 2010: Who is England’s Most Hated Cricketer?

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Yesterday, despite an inclination not to, we decided to give a glowing reference to arguably the most hated Australian in the current lineup. Shane Watson narrowly pips Punter himself to that accolade. Today we neatly segue into the possibility of who holds the “most hated” accolade in the English camp. After all, a sport like cricket needs the heroes and villains of pantomime – it just makes it more fun.

Having lived in Australia for more than 2 years, this Englishmen can fathom 4 candidates who for some reason or not  fit the bill as the villain of the piece.

Kevin Pietersen – Sheer arrogance doesn’t always go down too well in Australia. And KP has that in abundance. But at the same time he is the most respected and most feared batsman in the English lineup. His battles with Warne were the most captivating of experiences. But does the ego count against him that much?

Stuart Broad – For my money he is a young, aggressive, hungry test cricketer who simply does not tolerate losing. And who wouldn’t want that kind of cricketer in their side? But to others he is the devil in disguise. Maybe it is the overzealous appealing that doesn’t catch the umpire’s eye… Maybe it’s the finger pointing… Maybe it’s the boyish good lucks. One way or another, something rubs people the wrong way about Stuart Broad. Not me, all the Stuart Broad haters must stop.

Graeme Swann – I can’t think for the life of me why Graeme Swann isn’t lauded the world over. This one got me so riled that I had to declare 10 Things to Love About Graeme Swann.

Jonathan Trott – Despite Jonathan Trott making the number 3 position his own this summer he isn’t always the most liked. Slow motion batting isn’t always a crowd-pleaser when it comes to test cricket. He’s not a man to be rushed at the crease. And he’s got very itchy pads. Is that reason enough to dislike him? Well I guess the fact that he is also South African – just like a certain KP – may stand against him as well.

Who’s missing and who scoops the accolade??

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  1. steve says

    You have to consider being boring here as a key factor, nobody wants to watch english players in particular standing there all day dabbing balls away and not really playing. This is for spectators you jerks!

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