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Audio, 21st June 2011: 40 minutes

Podcast: In this week’s show, regular panelists Dave and Murray are joined on the line by The Reverse Sweep to review the England-Sri Lanka test series. There is a powerplay concerning the peculiarities of the leaked contract ranks for Australia’s 25 cricketers. Abortion lasagne also makes an appearance.  Plus all the latest happenings, news and scores in world cricket including India in the West Indies.

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About One Hand One Bounce

World Cricket Watch has assembled a crackpot team in the desperate hope of creating the greatest cricket podcast on the web. When we first came up with the idea for the show it was based on the notion that great podcasts rely on great conversations, and that cricket, more than any other sport, provides the perfect backdrop for conversation that can reach beyond the specificities of sport to culture and society. We all know that the best cricket writing is also a great way of finding out about the particularities of a given time or place, and we hoped that a podcast could do the same.


Regular Panelists: David Siddall, Murray Middleton,

Special Guest: David Green (The Reverse Sweep)

Produced by: David Siddall

Original Songs, Stings and Titles by: Chris Morris (check his new record out on MySpace)

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  1. says

    The podcast is good, the debate is great, but this episode is UNLISTENABLE. The hosts speak loud enough to be audible with the volume cranked up to 11, but the guests sound like they are speaking in the next room. Half of the discussion needs to be deciphered from context, the rest is just lost. Last episode with Gideon Haige was more tolerable, this one’s almost a deal breaker.

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