One Hand One Bounce Weekly Cricket Podcast 80: South Africa number 1

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Audio, 21st August 2012: 35 minutes

DAVID SIDDALL, PUNTER STEVE and JONATHAN HOWCROFT discuss South Africa’s number 1 status and attempt to walk around inside Kevin Pietersen’s brain. ANT SIMS joins us to discuss the rise of the nearly men of world cricket. Plus we dish out those coveted weekly awards.

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World Cricket Watch has assembled a crackpot team in the desperate hope of creating the greatest cricket podcast on the web. When we first came up with the idea for the show it was based on the notion that great podcasts rely on great conversations, and that cricket, more than any other sport, provides the perfect backdrop for conversation that can reach beyond the specificities of sport to culture and society. We all know that the best cricket writing is also a great way of finding out about the particularities of a given time or place, and we hoped that a podcast could do the same.

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  1. LK BEHERA says


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    This is totally ridiculous.
    If result does not reflecting on next round, then why first round league matches were played?
    If seeding not effected by group stage results, and then is it better to organize semi final among the best seeded nations & the final.
    Is this type of format shall be activated in other sports like Lawn tennis etc? The best seeded player should not lose their seeding and through to the semi final whether he/she lost or won the previous round league matches.
    If discrepancies are not sorted out, then value of league matches shall go to the vain.
    Until 23rd Sept 12 i.e. before India vs England match in Group A, the status of standing of group-A was Eng-A1, Ind-A2 and then after, India defeated Eng convincingly by 90runs (margin of victory was more than half of score of India), the status was remain same – Eng-A1, Ind-A2. There is no need of India-England match to play. It is just like a benefit match and the money goes to …Like that some matches were played for the nothing.
    I assure that this type of format will definitely squeeze the popularity of World cricket.
    A message for Format Organizers: Please not take wrong decision.

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