3 Things About the 2nd T20 Between Australia and Sri Lanka

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BEN ROBERTS shares three things that troubled him whilst attending the 2nd T20 game between Australia and Sri Lanka at the MCG. Sri Lanka went on to win the rain affected game as Glenn Maxwell couldn’t hit a third consecutive boundary off Thissara Perera’s final delivery.

1. What did Ben Laughlin think he was doing…

..standing around directing fielders during the final over of the Sri Lankan innings. The Sri Lankan’s filled their boots with 20 extra runs that could have come in handy for the Australians in the end. There are three reasons why Laughlin should not have been directing fielders – one, in the words of Richie Benaud, “the captain, and only the captain, should be in charge out on the field” (Channel 9 cricket coaching video, circa 1990), the captain sets the field, living and dying by his decisions, that is why he is the captain; two, fast bowling requires the highest level of emotional output in cricket, hardly the optimum mind-set for making calculated and objective decisions; three, Laughlin is a fringe player in the form of the game that Australian cricket has the least respect for, in what galaxy does his opinion count, this was not Shane Warne bowling in the middle of an Ashes Test.

2. Does the cricket world actually expect people to keep coming and watching…

…while it allows the briefest shower of rain to hold up a match for 45 minutes. The cost of a ticket to watch what turned out to be a truncated match was between $50 and $60, hardly chicken feed. The MCG is the most manicured lawn in the southern hemisphere, yet what amounted to some dew on the grass caused the match to be held up for an extended period because of the complaints of highly paid players (listened to constantly by spineless administrators) that they may slip over. People refer constantly to T20 as being a revolution in the mould of Kerry Packer’s. This is untrue; Packer knew that his empire did not exist without a happy general public; the general public of Australia are staying away in droves based on this summer’s crowds.  The whole episode really puts a new spin on the phrase ‘as weak as water’.

3. Australian cricketers need to show more respect…

…to opponents at this time when performances are really very poor. All could see that the Sri Lankan team were pushing the gamesmanship boundaries with the time taken between balls, but who is Glenn Maxwell, or any of the team selected for this match, to take matters into their own hands by sledging the Sri Lankans. Despite his immediate impact in this match Maxwell has barely made an international run; his sparring partner on the night Mahela Jayawardene has an Olympic sized pool at home where he swim’s in them. I am not sure at this stage of his career what is so ‘big’ about Glenn ‘Big Show’ Maxwell – it is certainly not his batting aggregate.

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  1. says

    . I was at the MCG for this match. It was quite disappointing how they took so long to get the game back on track after short drizzle. I’ve been watching cricket for 3 decades now but never seen umpires acting this way. There’s a bigger picture that they need to look at than perfect conditions for the game. Car Racing, Rugby, Soccer, and many more other types of games are played in rainy conditions. They are killing the game by having no regards to the fans, spectators and the sponsors!

    One of the best cricket grounds in the world can’t handle the slightest bit of rain. In Sydney the match was abandoned after 30 mins on LIGHT rain !
    Maxwell and new you players – umpire is in control of the proceeding of the match not the players. Couple fours doesn’t make any bigger! Look at Mr.Cricket or Pup and learn few things …

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