A Crunch Bang Coincidence

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West Indies v Australia T20

So, this article is not purely about cricket. I’m now watching the Australia – West Indies match and working on my PC too. I’m into Linux, and I try every new version of many operating systems. Watching the match I’m installing an operating system based on Ubuntu that goes by the name Crunch Bang Linux. It is quite lightweight and runs pretty well on the minimal resources that I had allocated to it on the virtual machine. So now let’s get to the game itself. I’ve let it install on to the machine and seeing the match with a bag of popcorn, T-20 cricket is entertainment they say! I pop a handful of popcorn into my mouth and almost choke on it as one wicket goes.

Now I crunch the corn, and bang goes Warner with a 95 metre hit onto the road. At the rate he’s hitting them out he should soon become the top Aussie six-hitter in T-20 at least. What follows that monster hit is quite sedate stuff by Aussie standards, they’re rolling flat now. Going at ODI rate are the ODI champions. And my favourite bowler Mitch comes on to bat. He proved his mettle with the bat earlier this year; I want to see if he can repeat that. He has not much time though. He plays well and adds a semblance of respectability to the total. The target is a pretty decent one, and the Windies have a task on their hands against Mitch, Bracken and Lee. During the short break I’m listening to Coldplay and this OS plays it clearly and is light on the resources. I’m recording this on this beauty now. The interface looks bland but is functional.

Ah, the song is over and out come Gayle and Fletcher. I’m looking out for Gayle, wasn’t he the one who declared his love for T-20 and loved Tests to die? Fletcher hit’s the first biggie, but it is not as big as Warner’s. I wonder if the Windies will win today. Remember, Duncan Fletcher was the coach who beat them in the 2005 Ashes. Now this is Andre, another Fletcher. Do the Aussies fear Fletchers? Then England better add a few to their Ashes squad as support staff at least. I’m loving this. This could turn out to be a close one. I dig into my popcorn and Gayle into Lee. Crunch, Bang. Sixer! It’s a massacre. I devour the popcorn, Gayle devours Lee! That’s what he is known for – hitting, and really hard hits were those. One onto the roof, one spills out onto the road. Now this is power play! That’s Bang-Bang baby!!

I’m feeling sorry for Lee, once the world’s fastest bowler, he’s nowhere near his best now. There comes Bracken now. Let’s see if he can do something, he’s the best ODI bowler but this is T-20. We know the Windies are among the poorer fielding teams. Here the Aussies are showing that they are on par with them, Mike Hussey has dropped a catch. It was sky high but at this level you should take it, Huss. A pity he dropped it. Ten overs, they’ve passed 100 already. Time out? Oh damn, the IPL effect. I presume the very reason for the ‘strategic’ time-out was to allow people to attend the call of nature so they can watch the game unencumbered. And Gayle’s already passed 50, can he get a century.

Rewind to the first edition, he scored a century yet Windies lost. Something says me that this match is going the Windies way, but remember they’re famed for their collateral collapses. And the Aussies for grabbing victory from hopeless situations. There Fletcher reaches his 50, fine knock from a young man. He has ably accompanied his skipper by staying at the crease and scoring well too. If only all Caribbean batsman had the patience of Sarwan and Chanderpaul to stay at the crease allowing the likes of Gayle to dominate the bowlers! Ah, Fletcher is gone finally. Chances of a collision, but David Hussey takes a very good catch. Thank God they didn’t collide, remember Steve Waugh and Jason Gillespie?

Now I’m thinking if the Windies can knock off the runs without any collapse. There we are. Gayle needs 14 for a century, Windies need 17 to win. Good Lord, skip is gone, well short of what would have been a great hundred. This has been vintage stuff from Gayle, hitting worth watching again and again. The pressure gets to Xavier Marshall, he has a few dot balls and hits one straight to a fielder. Come on young man, you surely are not going to stay in this team batting in this fashion. He keeps looking for boundaries and hits the ball so hard that even a distant hit gets him only a single. He needs to learn how to play with soft hands, and reserve the big hits for better times. Ah, Shiv has the winning shot, and the Windies have won. How unpredictable a team they are! Picture this, they are thrashed the Tests and ODIs in England and then they give the Aussies a sound thrashing in the World T-20. No wonder then that their skipper loves this format more than any other. Now I return to my work at the computer for testing this OS. So Crunch, Bang and Good Bye!

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