Australia vs India Boxing Day DRS Watch

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Australia ended day one of the Boxing Day Test on 6/277 with honours relatively even. However a fantastic day of cricket was overshadowed by controversy surrounding the DRS as the umpires made two howlers and one more dubious decision along the win. Much of the media coverage centred upon debate surrounding the not-in-use system. For example check out Jonathan Howcroft’s DRS Dispute Overshadows Even Test and Alan Gardner of the Guardian going with Australia undone by lack of DRS.

In light of the controversy, here at we’ll be doing a feature called ‘DRS Watch’ which aims to track the debate across the entire series. The current score is….


DRS Watch Melbourne, Boxing Day Test, Day 1

Incident 1: Zaheer Khan to Mike Hussey

Umpire Erasmus gives Mike Hussey out caught behind first ball off a sharpish bouncer from Zaheer Khan. DRS technology shows the ball flicked Hussey’s shirt and missed the ball by a long, long way.

Decision goes in favour of: India

Incident 2: Ravi Ashwin to Ed Cowan

Umpire Gould gives Ed Cowan out caught behind trying to force it off the back foot. Dhoni takes the catch and the finger goes up instantaneously. The not-in-use technology proves inconclusive with no edge evident and nothing on hotspot. There was a sound on the audio but Cowan seemed to miss it.

Decision goes in favour of: India

Incident 3: Zaheer Khan to Brad Haddin

Umpire Erasmus gives Haddin not out despite him being trapped right in front of middle with the ball going on to hit half way up middle stump. This time around it is Australia who get a lifeline.

Decision goes in favour of: Australia

DRS Watch Melbourne, Boxing Day Test, Day 2

Day 2 of the Boxing Day Test lacked the controversy surrounding the DRS that dominated much of day 1. Whilst there wasn’t a wrong decision in the day, there was nevertheless a moment of contention.

Incident 4: Peter Siddle to Rahul Dravid

Peter Siddle bowls Rahul Dravid but Umpire Erasmus refers the possible no-ball. Replays confirmed he had overstepped.

Decision made is eventually correct

DRS Watch Melbourne, Boxing Day Test, Day 3

Incident 5: Pattinson to Ashwin

James Pattinson hits Ashwin in line and the Hawkeye technology shows that ball was cleaning up middle stump. Umpire Erasmus once more is reluctant to put up the finger and India get the rub of the green once more. They won’t mind too much though as they’ve demolished India in the morning session having started the day way behind.

Decision goes in favour of: India

Incident 6: Khan to Ponting

This time it is most definitely in the favour of Australia. Khan comes on and wraps the pads of Ponting who gets a big stride in. Umpire Erasmus once more chooses to give it not out as appears to be his mantra. Hawkeye shows that that is hitting the top of middle stump. That is a vital lifeline for Australia and this time India will be pissed off.

Decision goes in favour of: Australia

DRS Watch Melbourne, Boxing Day Test, Day 4

Incident 7: Yadav to Hussey

India appeal emphatically from behind the wicket but Umesh Yadav’s heart isn’t really in it as his is more of a stifled appeal. Umpire Erasmus gives it not out but replays and Hawkeye show that one should have been given. That puts DRS watch at 3-3 now. Even stevens. Just like this match!

Decision goes in favour of: Australia

Incident 8: Yadav to Hussey

Dhoni catches it down the leg side and there is a huge shout. Erasmus gives it not out but hotspot shows that Hussey edged it. He was falsely given two lifelines at such a vital stage of the match and that makes it 4-3 on the DRS Watch in favour of Australia now.

Decision goes in favour of: Australia



Where do you stand on the DRS Debate?

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