Australia vs India Boxing Day Test Day 4, as it happens

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Australia need some Mike Hussey heroics: image (c) Herald Sun

Welcome to this live blog of all the major moments on day 4 of the Boxing Day Test. After chaos reigned supreme on day 3 with 15 wickets, who knows what to expect from another action packed day 4?

Australia lead by 230 and have 2 wickets remaining. Virender Sehwag at the press conference last night said that India would feel comfortable chasing down anything under 300. You can’t help but think Australia would be favourites with that sort of lead.

But India start the day as slight favourites on the hunt for two quick wickets.

There has been no Segway drama this morning which I’m sure everyone will be glad to hear.

10:36am Pattinson majestic as he drives Yadav for Four in the second over of the day

After an innocuous first over from Zaheer Khan, James Pattinson caresses Yadav through the covers for four. He has timed that incredibly and it races to the boundary.

Healy is still banging on about crashing the Segway on Channel 9. Just drop it mate!

10:45pm Hussey is trapped by Yadav but Erasmus turns down a stifled appeal

That one looked pretty adjacent. India appeal emphatically from behind the wicket but Umesh Yadav’s heart isn’t really in it. Umpire Erasmus gives it not out but replays and Hawkeye show that one should have been given. That puts DRS watch at 3-3 now. Even stevens. Just like this match!

10:48 Huge Appeal again as Khan Smashes into Hussey’s toes

This time Ian Gould gives it not out. That looked out but replays show the impact was marginally outside the line. Zaheer Khan is cranking it up today. No deliveries under 130kmph today. It looks like something is going to happen every ball.

10:52 Yadav Has Hussey Caught Behind Down the Leg Side

Dhoni catches it down the leg side and there is a huge shout. Erasmus gives it not out but hotspot shows that Hussey edged it. He’s been out twice already this morning. That makes it 4-3 on DRS Watch in favour of Australia now.

Ian Healy for Channel 9 says it’s the wrong decision but not a bad one. Go figure.

10:59 Khan Get Hussey Out Caught behind

Khan has squared Hussey up there and catches the shoulder of his bat in the process. Dhoni snaffles an easy chance and Ian Gould puts up the finger.

Australia are 9/197 and have a lead of 248.

It has been an enthralling morning.

11:13am Zaheer Khan Drops a Skier from Pattinson

Yadav bounces Pattinson and he skies it towards fine leg. It dissects Dhoni and Khan running it but Zaheer gets there quite comfortably in the end. But he’s dropped it.

Every run counts. Now Pattinson confounds the mistake by pulling Yadav in front of square only two balls later. Vital runs. Lead at 262.

11:22 Hilfenhaus Gets in on the Act

Ashwin comes into the attack and serves up some absolute dross. Hilfenhaus spanks him through the covers and the lead moves to 269. Many more and Australia will be transforming into favourites.

The fields are really baffling this morning. Not much attacking going on and deep points, deep mid ons and more.

11:42 Hilfenhaus Drives Ashwin into the Wide Open Spaces for 4

What is MS Dhoni doing? The field is spread and Hilfenhaus drives it gloriously through the off side for four. They lead by 291 now and India don’t look interested.

History is on Australia’s side and they are surely in the box seat now. Pattinson and Hilfenhaus are good enough to pick runs off and India aren’t attacking whatsoever.

11:44 Finally Hilfenhaus Goes

He drives and edges Sharma to Laxman in the slips. That’s a valuable last wicket partnership of 43. India will need 292 to win. It’s got away from India here. They need to Sehwag to get them off to a flyer. Hold your hats!

Australia all out 240.

11:53am Australia take the field content with their mornings work so far

First ball of the innings belongs to Pattinson. He steams in with three slips and two gullys. He starts with a wide. That’s quite an anti-climax.

12:08 Sehwag edges over the slips

He’s got away with one there. He wafts at one outside off stump and it flies just over the slips. India are 14 without loss. His wicket is the prize wicket here. Quick runs could tilt this game in India’s favour.

12:19 Sehwag OUT Caught in the Gully

Sehwag slashes hard to Hilfenhaus. He’s thrown the kitchen sink at that but hasn’t got enough elevation on it to beat the in field. Hussey reaches for it and snaffles it with a bit of a leap. That is a HUGE wicket.

The Wall comes to the crease. India 1/17 needing another 275 for victory. That looks a long way off right now.

12:34: And that’s lunch! This match is the dictionary definition of “Delicately Poised.” The Indians will be umm-ing and ahh-ing about their current situation; they will be disappointed with the way Hifenhaus and Pattinson hit them around during the Australian last wicket pairing, and Viru will be kicking himself he got out in such a loose fashion, but that being said: game on. They’ll fancy their chances; so will the Australians. The Indians are 1/24.

Tense. Taut. Erasmus.

Dave Siddall will be back after the lunch break.

1:45 – Post-lunch catch up.

Dave’s still at lunch, so you’re stuck with me for the moment. India are 2/52 from 16, and the tension is palpable. Siddle, the brick-eating Victorian paceman, removed Gambir to bring Tendulkar to the crease, and was immediately greeted with a Sachin special – a gorgeous drive for three through cover. Once again, it’s the Wall and the Master who could change the game.

Michael Clarke is being understandably conservative with his bowling changes. He hasn’t been juggling the bowlers as much as he normally does because, if truth be told, Hilfenhaus and Siddle have been impressive thus far. James Pattinson hasn’t been as effective and I sense that his line is a little skew-wiff – he’s probably in that sportsman ‘numb state’ after spending excess time at the crease. His 37 was both gutsy and occasionally glorious, but he hasn’t been his usual self at the crease.

Dave’s back. Here we go, here we go, here we go~~-

1:58pm OUT Dravid Bowled. That is Massive!

Pattinson strikes. He steams into the crease and spears it into the stumps. Dravid plays down the wrong line and misses the ball by some distance. Pattinson has broken the partnership most likely to win this game for India.

He goes for 10 and Australia are in control with India 3/58.

Laxman comes to the crease. He is the Indian with the best second innings record versus Australia. The Little Master needs some help here.

2:07 Sachin Tendulkar Gets a Huge Stroke of Luck

Pattinson steams in once more. Sachin looks to flamboyantly leave a short of a length ball only to deflect inches past his own stumps. He picks up four and there are girly anxious screams ringing around the ground.

It’s heart in mouths time. So much rests on Sachin today.

2:11pm Sachin goes from Circumspect to SupremeĀ 

He shows the full face of the bat to Hilfenhaus and strokes him back down the ground for four through mid on.

That’s drinks. India 3/68 and way behind.

2:20 OUT – Pattinson Gets Laxman caught at square leg by Ed Cowan

Fresh from beating Laxman’s bat twice in two deliveries, Pattinson tempts Laxman into playing a drive to the onside only to pick out Ed Cowan at square leg. Umpire Gould checks the front foot no ball to see if Pattinson overstepped. Replays show his foot landed centremetres behind the popping crease and then slid forwards. The third umpire rules that makes it a legitimate delivery. So he’s gone.

The Little Master could get stranded here.

2:24 OUT – Kohli Goes First Ball

Hilfenhaus smashes into Kohli pads. Rather than his stock outswinger, this one spears in and Kohli is absolutely plumb despite his disgruntled look.

Perhaps he thought the feeling of bat clipping pad was an edge. But replay and hawkeye confirm it was hitting falf way up the middle and leg stump.

It’s 5/69. Hilfenhaus has two, Pattinson has two, and Siddle one.

2:36 Dhoni Smashes a Six to get off the Mark

India need Dhoni to play a captain’s knock but what kind of shape should that knock tape. Well, he gets off the mark with a six.

2:39 Sachin Gone and India’s dreams shattered

Siddle comes into the attack and draws Sachin (32) into a drive which flies to Hussey in the gully.

Sachin leaves the MCG to a standing ovation. The entire ground is thoroughly disappointed. Everyone was praying for him to go on and make it a contest. With Sachin gone, so have India’s hopes.

Dhoni needs a miracle and to continue his brief assault if India have any chance at all.

Ashwin got a ton against the West Indies not too long ago so he should back him and bat in tandem.

3:15 That’s tea.

Siddle’s last over before tea includes three boundaries from India. One is a brilliant shot and two are streaky. Irrespective of how the runs come, these two have made it to tea but have a gigantic uphill struggle to get India back into this game.

3:37 Ashwin is gone straight after tea

Siddle strikes right away as he gets Ashwin with the short ball. Ashwin tries to fend but dollies the ball straight up in the air to the welcome hands of ed Cowan in the gully.

It’s just a matter of time now.

Zaheer Khan comes to the crease. Surely he won’t be as irresponsible as in the first innings. Dhoni needs a friend right now. India 7/117.

3:57 Pattinson gets warned for three consecutive bouncers

Ian Gould warns Pattinson and it’s jokes all round as Michael Clarke laughs and explains how he didn’t see the signals.

Harsha Bhogle comments on ABC Grandstand how things might have been different under Ponting’s captaincy. Maybe so but Ricky was fantastic and extremely frank at last night’s press conference.

4:00 Crazy o’clock time: How to make Test Cricket Sexy in Australia?

Nicko Hancock from The Sledge has the answer. Ideas include tattoos, Richie Benaud, wordplay and much more. Have a read here: Can Test Cricket Be Saved by Sexiness?

4:05pm Khan smashes a Six

He clears the front leg and smashes Pattinson for six down the ground.

4:06pm OUT Very next ball Pattinson gets his man the very next delivery

He backs away once more but this time it backfires dramatically as he gets an inside edge onto his thigh pad which pops up to ed Cowan at short leg.

4:10pm Talk turns to Man of the Match on ABC Grandstand

Hilfenhaus was amazing in the first innings with his five wicket haul. But you can’t help but feel the contribution of James Pattinson in every aspect was the most vital.

4:14pm OUT MS Dhoni goes for the old heave-ho and gets castled

Pattinson strikes again and MS Dhoni is gone. If there was a sliver of hope left, Pattinson just ate it up.

India 9 down. 150 runs short of the total. It’s just a matter of time now. Attendance confirmed – 25,865 will witness Australia’s victory.

4:39pm Yadav Smacks Lyon for Six

Australia are only a moment away from victory but Yadav skies it and clears the boundary at deep long on.

4:40pm 2 Balls Later He Cannot clear the ropes and Australia WIN

This time Dave Warner flies through the air and catches it metres inside the boundary rope. India are all out for 169. Lyon gets his first wicket of the match and all the Australian bowlers have chipped in for this victory.

Australia win by 122 runs with a day to spare.

This is a huge victory for Australia. The Baggy Green’s trio of quicks were immense throughout this match. With Patrick Cummins and Ryan Harris to come back in, things are looking great for the Australian near future.

India meanwhile can point to two pivotal moments in the match that cost them. First of all their first innings collapse meant they trailed by 51 runs when they should have posted a lead of 50-100 themselves.

Second of all, the woeful captaincy of MS Dhoni having had a brilliant 15 minutes first thing this morning. Pattinson and Hilfenhaus added 43 in a vital last wicket partnership and they were chasing close to 300 rather than 250 tops.

It’s worthwhile noting the performance of three of the Indian top 6. Gambhir, Laxman and Kohli between them have only made cumulatively 3o runs for the entire match.

4:53 James Pattinson is confirmed as Man of the match

He produced 6/108 for the game and contributed 49 runs only being dismissed once.






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