Cricket World Cup Predictions: Winners?

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In the final of this 7 part series previewing the World Cup, Australian Matt Wood (Balanced Sports), Indian Subash Jayaraman (The Cricket Couch) and myself the Englishman stick their necks on the line and predict who will be the eventual winners.

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Part 7: Who will Win?

Matt Wood

As much as the West Indies have (hopefully) crawled out from a decade and a half of shame and the tournament has Bangladesh playing a lot at home, as much as I’d like to pick a smaller nation making the second round, I just don’t see it.  The minnows will leave early, leaving us with the obvious choices again.  India and Sri Lanka are justifiable favourites due to their home-ground advantages, while South Africa’s finishing school for cricket talent has no equal.  The bet here is the Proteas don’t have the attack to really exploit the conditions – Steyn is quality but supporting cast Tsotsobe, Morkel and Parnell aren’t favoured by the slower decks.  Australia can’t be discounted – they’ve been impressive in swatting away England’s One-Day side, a team who seem to lack something that they can’t identify.  I’m going to bet on Sri Lanka – India is incredibly reliant on the bowling penetration of Zaheer Khan and Harbhajan Singh.  Should one of those two break down or play like a honker, India could really struggle to restrict opposition scoring.  Sri Lanka have the spin of Murali and Mendis, the pace of Malinga and the all-round talents of Angelo Mathews.


Subash Jayaraman

This is the third time the world cup is being held in the Indian subcontinent. The last two times it was held (1987 and 1996), two subcontinent teams made it to the semis (India and Pakistan in 1987) and (India and Sri Lanka in 1996) with Sri Lanka winning it all in 1996. I am inclined to continue with this theme and expect India and Sri Lanka to get to the semi-finals this time as well. The two other semi-finalists, in my opinion, are going to be Australia and South Africa. (But I am very tempted to include either Pakistan or Bangladesh). I do think however, India and Sri Lanka will get to the finals. Sri Lanka does seem to be the most balanced side in the entire tournament and they are playing in home conditions. However, India beat them fair and square in Sri Lanka the last time they played ODIs. But the finals are going to be played in front of Tendulkar’s home crowd in Mumbai. So, I am going to go with my gut, heart and all other internal organs, and hedge my bet on India.


David Siddall

In my honest opinion there are 5 countries that have both the ability and consistency  (sorry Pakistan!) to win the 2011 Cricket World Cup. They are Australia, England, India, South Africa and Sri Lanka. Of the 5, it is the perennially underachievers chokers of South Africa and India that have the finest XIs on paper and also the form to be considered the main contenders. In Sehwag and Ghambir, and Smith and Amla, they have the finest opening batting partnerships in the game with one claiming the title for most explosive and the other for most solid. In Kallis and Tendulkar they have two of the greatest ODI batsmen of all time. A further glance down their respective orders and you have batsmen that combine capabilities to play long innings with intimidating levels and varieties of strokeplay.

So what is there to separate these two sides? The answer lies in the bowling department. Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel have formed a devastating partnership capable of tearing through a side. As much as Zaheer Khan stars for India, fans would have to concede that South Africa hold in the edge in terms of the quicks on show. India meanwhile will feel they have the edge in terms of spinners on show. Johan Botha is an accomplished spinner but cannot be considered an attacking option. Unlike Botha, Harbhajan Singh is just that. India are also blessed with numerous spinners in their squad with Ashwin, Pathan, Raina, Yuvraj and Sehwag all providing options in favourable conditions.

The case for both teams is remarkably strong but I favour the side with bigger wicket-taking threat to come out on top. With that in mind, it has to be the biggest chokers of all South Africa to turn the tables on history and win the 2011 Cricket World Cup.


Who do YOU think will Win?

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  1. Riz says

    There is no team who have got a heavy weight batting order like Team India. Bowling wasn’t that bad for India against Bangladesh as it was a very unsupported pitch. I’m sure bowlers will come back very strongly in the next match. And this is the right time to lift a world cup…

  2. pranav punj says

    With a view to see the sides like aus,sl,ind,sa these all teams are the most favourable teams to have a upper edge over other teams and moreover the home conditions obviously favours the asian teams like srilanka and india.To my opinion there will be two teams ind vs sl .The most obvious winner in India undoubtedly…

  3. says

    Hi guys! India will win the world cup hs a strong bating line including great sachin,sehwag,gautam gambhir,virat kohli,ms dhoni(skipper),yusuf pathan.bowling harbhajan,piyush chawla,zahir khan hs th caliber of taking wickets any where & playing at home can help them to execute their best becaz favourable condition. though playing at home & meeting the expectation of fans could be a pressure but stil its believed that india will win, moreover Dhoni’s captancy is admired by the whole world, he knows better when to do what in any sitauation of the game.aussies, srilankan,pakistan,south africa are at their best,but playing at home will be an added adavantage for the host country.

  4. anele rulumente says

    sorry guys but I think the chokers will win it cause not of the in form batting and bowling but the fielding is one of the best in the world

  5. Pindi Expresss says

    The two teams probably gauranteed to reach the semi’s will be those that head the Groups. Why? Because they will play the ranked weaker 4th team in the opposing groups during the quarter finals.
    This looks to be (as of today): Pakistan vs Bangladesh and India vs New Zealand.
    South Africa would tussle with Australia to claim anti-choke rights. Leaving England v Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka, India and South Africa will by form make their way to the semis. India and Sri Lanka will feature in one semi. South Africa will play the other.

    In the end, I do feel that an Asian team will reign supreme finally.

  6. AADIL BABA says

    My preduction is semi final will bet ween india and sauth africa and pakistan and westen india
    final between pakistan and sauth africa

  7. buddhi galaappatty says


    SRI LANKA will be the WINNER of 2011 World Cup Cricket whoever their opponent would be.

  8. ashutosh khanna says

    India will not win any cricket world unless they get 3-> 145-150 km/h fast yorker bowling bowlers and a gr8 spinner and not a circus clown like harbhajan who cant even take wickets in India … kumble was 10 times better. Pakistan has better spinners and better pace bowlers than India.

    So Pakistan or Australia.

  9. sheraz says

    i beleive india has a strong batting line up compared to south africa playing on continental pitched.they know trick of trade of each home wicket.south africa bowling better than india.sri lanka is third with batting,pace and spin of muttiah and off course home crowd.last team semifinalist will be pakistan.three asian and 1 african team likely to play semis.south afica will play final with pakistan or india and likely to win.

  10. Muhammad Kamal Siddiqui says

    Insha Allah Pakistan will be winner of world cup 2011 because Pakistan play with pray of more then 17 millions pakistani peoples.

  11. raffay nawaz says

    pakistan will win this worldcup cause first of all,we have some experienced players like misbah and younis and the captain himself,than we have some really good new players like gul and u akmal and the dangerous keeper k balling we have shoib akhtar,umar gul and afridi.our fielding is increased greatly and there are so many predictions all over the world that pakistan will win like the indian parrot which was killed by the indians for just predicting that pakistan will win this worldcup.

  12. shah says

    hahahahaha… i cant stop laughing is it true they killed the innocent parrot.what a shame

  13. Vivek says

    As per the trend that is being driving WC T11, I would say Australia again South Africa or Srilanka.. Most probables

    As far as India is concern, i do see any patriotism and the Jeal, I guess they are playing world cup is just because they have to because for Indian Players it doesnt matters but all it matters for them is MONEY ,ADVERTISEMENTS AND CELEBRITY status.. nothing much matters….

  14. says

    its defenatelly will gona be pakistan like their bowling attack against australia was mind blowing they have few weakness in their batting line up but they can easly defend the small totals cuz of their bowling although its gona be the tough semi finals lets see the team which plays well on the day will gona win

  15. ABDULLAH says

    as far as my opinion iz concerned ………

    PAKISTAN will win dis world cup ………. as PAKISTAN has beaten 2 favorite team’s fer world cup (srilanka & australia) …

    by beaten these both teams PAKISTAN has entered in da semi-final against india and definately PAKISTAN g0nna beat india and will win this WORLD CUP …. !!!

  16. says

    Quarter final results:

    23/03/2011 = PAKISTHAN win
    24/03/2011 = INDIA win
    25/03/2011 = NEW ZEALAND win
    26/03/2011 = SRILANKA win


    29/03/2011 = SRILANKA WIN
    30/03/2011 = INDIA WIN


    2/04/2011 = INDIA WIN




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