The 40 Most Exciting Cricket Blogs On the Web

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Has there ever been a more exciting time in the cricket blogosphere? There are so many great cricket blogs and websites emerging year after year. Publishing in cricket, from amateur to the pros, is flourishing all over the world.

With so much going on it is getting increasingly difficult to choose which blogs to follow. It begs the question “what are the most exciting cricket blogs on the web right now?”

As an avid cricket fan, there are some cricket blogs that we think you should be subscribing to and enjoying beyond measure. With that in mind we’ve compiled what we consider to be the 40 most exciting cricket blogs online right now. There’s a bit of everything in there for everyone.

In Alphabetical Order, It’s Time to Introduce the 40 Most Exciting Cricket Blogs Right Now…


Nesta Quin, The Trumpet and Rajesh Kannan’s dish up some of the most considered cricket analysis from beyond the boundary you could ever imagine encountering. Their average post is truly remarkable as their name suggests.


A Cricketing View

Blogging out of Berkeley, California,  Kartikeya Date starts our procession of quality cricketing blogs coming out of the United States. Never shy to have his two cents on the latest politics unfolding in cricket.


Against the Spin

The world of cricket, academia and statistics collide to devastating effect. Age old cricketing debates are dissected with a ridiculous amount of data. And in a good fun way too.



Viewed by many as some of the best irreverent cricket spiel emerging from the sub-continent. This is the sex on violence approach to Indian cricket.


Chinese Cut

Inspired by the shot Sujit Somasundar played of Glenn McGrath thrice in quick succession during the 1996-97 Titan cup in India. The Chinese Cut also offers aspiring players coaching tips in their cricketing classroom. A claim that cannot be made by any other blog.


Cricket = Action = Art

What happens when a cricket tragic masters the art of photoshop? The answer is Cricket = Action = Art. This is a blog focused on humour and cricket but  light on commentary. The images really do the talking and it’s your job to fill in with the commentary.


Cricket Current

Intelligent cricket writing from the subcontinent. Close to 1,000 subscribers and some great coverage of the IPL at present, illustrate just how much Cricket Current is on the pulse.


Cricket Minded

Exploring the phenomenon that is cricketing celebrity, Cricket Minded goes beyond the boundary into some of the cricketing social circles that others can only dream of.


Cricket Tier

Breaking down the taboo that is cricket in the US of A, and educating every American one by one. Hear the boys from The Cricket Tier’s plea: “My fellow Americans, and anyone else out there who is wondering what exactly is cricket, look no further. Your tutorial into the great game begins now.”


Cricket with Balls JRod is currently “keeping cricket lubricated”. Cricket with Balls is some of the most ballsy and entertaining cricket writing on the web. Not only does CWB have two bestselling cricket books, its own religion based around Virender Sehwag, but now its own collaborative magazine entitled “Cricket Sadists’ Monthly”.


Different Strokes

One of the best CricInfo blogs from numerous cricket tragics that know the game inside and out.


Doosra Redux

Doosra Redux is the cricket blog of prolific Indian writer Dileep Premachandran. To say Dileep has a way with words would be an understatement. Check out an excerpt from his latest post:

“As a microcosm of life, sport too has its I-was-there moments, occasions that made you believe it was more than just a game. If away victories in the West Indies and England in 1971 were akin to the fall of the Berlin Wall for Indian cricket, then the agony [the Miandad six in Sharjah and narrow defeat in Sunil Gavaskar’s final Test, both against Pakistan] and the ecstacy [upsetting the West Indians to win the World Cup in 1983] of the decade that followed were like Nelson Mandela’s long walk to freedom.”


Ducking Beamers

Ducking Beamers is “Examining the Cricket World – With Adequate Protection. Of Course.” Events on and off the field are covered in such depth and vigour that Ducking Beamers should not be avoided (no pun intended!).


Eye on Cricket

Cricket as seen from Brooklyn, Samir Chopra makes his second appearance on this list. He constantly provides valuable insights into the game from the USA.


Fly Slip

Introducing the nephew of cricket with balls. Fly Slip is looking for lost balls and does not mince its words.


Harris Sports Thoughts

Nick Harrison shares his mad take on the world of sport. You’ll laugh so hard cricket will come out your nose. This is definitely up there in the irreverent cricket stakes.


Iain O’Brien

Iain O’Brien’s cricket blog is his matches, his thoughts and his head. Who says cricketers aren’t eloquent wordsmiths?


King Cricket

The King writes regularly for CricInfo and Wisden, and also occasionally appears on some podcasts with Andy Zaltman. Enjoy his cheeky brand of what he calls “cricket non-journalism”. Remains humble despite all the accolades.


Are you a Left-Arm Chinaman?

Brash, aggressive, thought provoking cricket commentary and philosophy that attempts to challenge the dominant paradigms in current thinking.


Line and Length

Patrick Kidd is a sports writer for The Times. He first fell in love with cricket when he saw Graham Gooch swat successive balls over his head for six and on to the same red Cortina’s bonnet at Castle Park, Colchester. Line and Length is a great cricket blog from more traditional media avenues, that’s not afraid to reach out into the more crazy parts of cricket on the web.


Miss Field’s Cricket Blog

The Perez Hilton of cricket blogs. Miss Field’s propensity to blog is in direct relation to the waistline of South Africa’s weighty captain, Graeme Smith.


Paddle Sweep

“Where cricket is a stream of thought”. It’s been revamped and now finds itself on steroids with some great features and competitions.


Poshin’s World

Christopher David invites you into his weird and wonderful world of cricket. Poshin is as passionate a cricket fan as you are ever likely to meet. Wanna know the inner workings of the Royal Challengers Bangalore? Christopher is your man.


Sarah Canterbury

Sarah Ansell snaps some of the most insightful cricket photography out there on the web. From some of the most idyllic grounds around the UK to the action shots of the Ashes. Whilst Canterbury is her base [as the name suggests] she really does get around, including to the Test Match Sofa.


Short Of A Length

Eccentric and provocative cricket writing from a man not afraid to speak his mind. Check out his “one word reviews”.


Swanning About

A picture says more than a thousand words. When pop culture meets cricket meets satirical annotation you know you are in for a laugh a minute. If only all cricket bloggers had Photoshop skills like these guys.


Test Match Sofa

They’ve taken the world by storm so far. It seems irreverent cricket commentary trumps the likes of Test Match Special any day of the week. When we mention the abbreviation TMS here on WCW you better make sure you know who we’re talking about.  If cricket bloggers want to embed their audio commentary player widget on their websites they just have to email a request to and the Sofa team will send the code over.


The Boundary Rider

Luke Tagg boasts one of the best cricket blogs to come out of South Africa. He schooled Herschelle Gibbs, worships Gary Kirsten and writes with a constant tongue in his cheek. Prepare to be entertained.


The Corridor

A bit of an old hat these days in the cricket blogosphere. Run by Cricinfo’s Will Luke, it features thoughts on cricket, sport and journalism.


The Cricket Watcher’s Journal

Testament to the wealth of cricketing bloggers in the sub-continent the Cricket Watcher writes about cricket on a higher intellectual plane than most and has a finger on the pulse of the latest trends. A truly 360 degrees writer.


The Old Batsman

“They’ve come to watch me bat, sir, not you umpire”. The doctor, WG Grace, is blogging from the grave to devastating effect.


The Reverse Sweep

Another blogger who snugly fits into the prolific category. David Green aka “the Reverse Sweep” is an amateur historian, cricket fanatic and tidy top order batsmen. No topic is left uncovered. He knows the Wisden records like the back of his hand and regularly contributes to WCW with his epic, irreverent round-up of the week in cricket aptly titled “The Reverse Sweep”.


The Silly Mid Off

Another great blog emanating from the US the Silly Mid Off. Covering cricketing politics, literature, action and much more wider issues to boot, The Silly Mid Off insight into the game we all love is always valuable.


The Spin

Another great example of a cracking blog from more traditional pastures. Andy Bull, writer for The Guardian, each Tuesday gives you the week that was in cricket.  Critical reflection on the state of the game is the staple diet.


The Surfer

What are the hottest cricket stories around the web right now? What are the most cutting cricket quotes we should be paying attention to? The Surfer has all the answers. It’s CricInfo’s answer to media watch.


The Top Spin

Cards on the table, I’m not a huge fan of the Daily Mail as a newspaper. It’s a bit too conservative for my liking. But the same cannot be said for its cricket coverage and in particular the critically acclaimed blog/column by Lawrence Booth entitled the Top Spin.  You should definitely subscribe for some informed and entertaining cricket writing that can rival anything on the web.


Third Umpire

Opinion and analysis on all aspects of cricket, from the international arena and England, to county cricket and the history of the great game. Intelligent and insightful cricket writing.


Thoughts from the Dustbin

Here’s a typical thought from the dustbin and a bit of a disclaimer…

WARNING: I swear a lot and frequently offend Graeme Swann, Andrew Strauss, Ricky Ponting, Old People (that’s you, Mussey!) and the entire state of Victoria while simultaneously attempting to abduct Nathan Hauritz in order to keep him in a cage in my backyard.


Well Pitched

Umair Qazi (Q), Masud Mahdi (Sledgehammer), Obaidullah Khawaja (Obaid) are the guys behind Well Pitched. They proudly present some of the best cricket blogging to come out of Pakistan, despite some very testing times for the game in their country.


Wisden Cricketer

The Wisden Cricketer blog matches up to the high standards of its trusty father the Wisden Cricketer Magazine. That’s the world’s best selling cricket magazine by the way. Quite a read then.


New blogs

IPL Live Score – Get the Scorecard of Indian Premier League Season 4 of IPL 2011. Latest IPL live score of all T20 matches of IPL cricket matches.

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World Cricket Watch loves to hear from users and cricket fans so if we have left you or any other great site out, why not leave us a comment with a mention of the cricket blog. We will be sure to add it in if it fits the criteria. Which other cricket blogs are must reads?

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