Exploring the India Cricket T20 Cultural Phenomenon

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Harsha Bhogle Looks at the Rise of the India Cricket T20 Obsession as a Parallel Phenomenon to the Rise of Corporate India…

Harsha Bhogle tells this story of transformation with some remarkable topics covered:

Time and Space in Cricket

  • From timeless tests to 20 overs

Multinationals in India

“There’s only two vehicles in India: the real one and the scripted one. The scripted one is what you see in the movies and the real one is cricket.”

India Hijacking an English Invention

  • In 1983 India won the World Cup

“England invented T20 cricket and allowed India to hijack it.”

Money Talking in T20

  • Suddenly a game which earned its players 50 rupees a day was transformed
  • Centrally contracted Indian players who played in every single format could at best expect to earn $220,000 a year
  • Now they were getting $500,000 for 6 days work
  • Andrew Flintoff for once in his life was earning more money in 4 weeks than Frank Lampard or Steven Gerrard

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