Friday Christmas Cricket Links

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Please Drink ResponsiblyMerry Christmas from Everyone at World Cricket Watch!

Whether you care about Jesus, Santa  and elves or not, the whole team at wcw would like to wish everyone a great holiday period to relax with friends and family.

Let’s not forget though that cricket is still in full swing over the festive period. If you’re like me, you’ll be wanting to get your cricket Christmas fill too.

We encourage everybody to overindulge…  but PLEASE drink responsibly. You wouldn’t want to have too many sherries at the Boxing Day Test and pass out like this sun burnt Santa.

Here’s what’s in store for this week’s Cricket Links:

1. Why Test Cricket Will Never Be the Same

2. Possibly the Freshest Way To follow the Boxing Day Test

3. A Cricket Debate: Dickhead vs Coolest Man on Earth

It’s Time To Reveal Your Festive Friday Cricket Links

The Test Arena Will Miss Shane Bond Links…

shane bond retires with a bowling average of 22.09So Shane Bond has been robbed of his test career finally succumbing to his ongoing injury plagues. He also misses out on the opportunity to surpass Richard Hadlee and go down as the greatest Kiwi fast bowler of all time. Whilst without a doubt injury is the key determinant of his downfall, a debate has ravaged somewhat from the Bored Cricket Crazy Indians as to whether the evil IPL had anything to do with it.

To put into perspective just quite how good Shane was here’s some vital statistics.He’s the quickest Kiwi bowler to 50 wickets and boasts a bowling average of 22.09 that is better than the likes of Sir Richard Hadlee, Allan Donald, Muttiah Muralitharan, Shaun Pollock, Waqar Younis and Wasim Akram.  To check out the full list of all time bowling averages click here.

Furthermore, we can look at his impact on his team. Since Bond’s debut this is how New Zealand have fared…

Matches with Bond: 10 Wins, 2 Losses, 6 Draws

Matches without Bond: 10 Wins, 24 Losses, 15 Draws

Possibly The Freshest Way To Follow The Boxing Day Tests Links…

Revolutionising Cricket Commentary?How do you intend to follow the boxing day test? If you’re planning to watch the South Africa vs England test, this news might just make your experience better. A couple of days ago I came across a group of guys whose soul purpose in the world cricket fraternity is to “revolutionise commentary and break away from the hegemony that ex-players have on the profession”.

A pretty bold mission I’m sure you’ll agree, but they just might do it. Check out this video of their commentary during the  Lord’s Ashes test for shits and giggles.

If there was a category for “Best Cricket Commentary of 2009” in the Cricket Website Awards they might just win the one horse race.

You have options… obviously if you can’t watch the game on TV this is an awesome way to follow the action. BUT even if you do have TV you can still see which commentary you prefer. Simple mute your TV and get a hectic and irreverent brand of commentary like nothing else. So if you’re want a cool cricket experience to aid your Christmas hangover tune in to the guys at Test Match Sofa.

Reliving The Week In Cricket Links…

Shane Watson CelebrationSo if you don’t know wcw’s very own Blaise Murphet’s reflection on the Shane Watson/Chris Gayle saga it goes a little something like this:

Shane Watson= dickhead     Chris Gayle= coolest man on earth

Whatever side of the fence you’re on the celebration gets more and more ridiculous the more you look at it. The celebration begs the question… how soft is shane watson?

If you don’t wanna look at Shane’s face for much longer you might wanna watch cricket highlights from the week that’s just gone. And who would blame you for that?

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