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It's your Friday Cricket Links

It’s that time of the week…


The time has come for the 2nd edition of the new weekly segment in which we  bring you some of the more interesting cricket stories, videos, trivia, controversy reverberating around world cricket. Circumnavigating the cricket web through the constant chitstatting and all the BS here are your golden Friday Cricket Links


One More Sehwag Link…

Virender Sehwag does not sleep. He waits.

Superman once watched a Sehwag innings and cried himself to sleep.

Find out more Sehwag facts with a Sehwag Q and A thanks to the Bored Cricket Crazy Indians

Blowing Our Own Trumpet Links…

If you don’t blow your own trumpet then who will? Don’t answer that. The cricket world is just as chaotic as the last and things on WCW are pretty frantic right now. To catch up on all this week’s action click this aptly titled link watch cricket highlights. To get all the back story, gossip and controversy in the most irreverent look at cricket possible check out David Green’s The Reverse Sweep the “epic fourth installment”.

One last toot… a couple of days we announced the nominations for the cricket website awards 2009 where cricket fans are encouraged to tell us the best cricket websites on the planet and then vote on them. Well the voting has got off to a flyer so have your say now.

A Myth Shattering Link…

Chris Gayle is a Twenty20 cricketer who can;t play test cricket. Here’s why you’ve all got Chris Gayle wrong?

Straussy for Sports Personality of the Year Link …

Tomorrow marks the millionth installment of the Sports Personality of the Year (I’m sure all the British cricket fans out there have sat through it too often). Well here’s Andy Wagner’s case (his ex cricket coach) for why Andrew Strauss should be crowned.

Athers on Tiger…

Stepping away from cricket can be good now and then.  If you simply can’t there’s something for you here as well. Michael Atherton talks abouts the prospect of a good England ODI team but then gives an intriguing insight into the life of tiger (Woods by the way).

Why Read a Book When a Good Story Tape Will Or Even Video Will Do Links…

Is Bumble the Funniest Man in Cricket?…

This youtube clip would suggest so! But wait, he has competition from this pint sized impersonator who has punter and many more down to a T.

Why World Leaders Shouldn’t Play Cricket…

Watch the clash of the titans with George  (Who throws a Shoe?) Bush vs John Howard. Don’t watch if you’re an Aussie. Or maybe do if you’re glad to see the back of your fellow cricket tragic.

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