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It's FridayIt’s Friday, you aint got no job. You ain’t got shit to do. You’re sat in your pants watching the cricket.

And Thank God it’s that way.

Another eventful week in cricket is happening as we speak and it’s time for your Friday Cricket Links to see what’s going on in the world of the cricket tragics. If you’ve had a busy week at work it’s your chance to see what you’ve missed.

Lets get to it!


Some Bat Waving, Hand Slapping and Sledging Links…

The third test at the WACA boiled over yesterday as 3 angry men exchanged words, brushed by each other and then proceeded to wave bats. Emotion in cricket surely has to be a good thing, I for one like to see mind games, word games and aggression a plenty and don’t like to see heavy handed punishments thrown about. But maybe you should get the bigger picture to make up your own mind.

Here’s what you should do:

First things first the incident, click here to see the video.

Secondly, check out the forensic examination of the incident by our good friend JRod.

Thirdly, check out the aftermath and reaction by the guys at BCCI (the blog by the way) to what might be construed as deplorable disciplinary behaviour by match referee Chris Broad.

And finally, once you’ve forgotten about all the fuss over nothing maybe you should just indulge in some great moments when emotions have boiled over or when players have been successfully sledged. Here’s my favourite, the infamous “Mind The Windows Tino” Freddie sledge.

Seek and Destroy Links…

Coined the “Rampage in Rajkot” by our very own David Green in the Reverse Sweep you might want to relive the destructive innings of Sehwag and Dilshan in the first ODI of the series. Not to be outdone, Chris Gayle had to remind us that he’s also in the running for the most destructive batsmen in the world prize. Having shown he can play a measured innings in the previous test he thought he might smash a century off just 70 balls, and why not. Watch it here.

For my money, Virender Sehwag currently takes the prize for most destructive batsmen in the game, BUT it begs the question…  Is Sehwag More Destructive than Chuck Norris? Let us know here.

Neuter The Batsmen Links…

“The moment the delivery of the ball to a batsman is no longer a challenge, the contest ceases. It is no longer cricket”

He’s not critical of the Sehwag mentality. But he does see it as a problem in the game when a batsmen can hit every single ball for six. A really great article that questions whether we should actually be seeing 800 runs in a day is a must read.

You don’t dig this? You’re quite happy to have cricket as a batsmen’s game? Then this ones for you. Check out all the instances batsmen have hit 6 sixes in an over.

Latest World Cricket Stories…

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