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SehwagIn a new weekly segment we’re gonna be bringing you some of the more interesting cricket stories, videos, trivia, controversy reverberating around world cricket. Circumnavigating the cricket web through the constant chitstatting and all the BS here are your golden Friday Cricket Links


Sehwag Links…

The Virender Sehwag mantra of if you see it smash it paid dividends this week with one of the greatest innings of all time smashing the fastest 250 in cricketing history.  Relive this great innings with the India vs Sri Lanka Test Highlights.

He’s held in the highest regards my Melbourne’s Indian taxi driver contingent as number 2 to Sachin in the great stakes. But did you know he’s got his own cult/religion entitled “sehwagology” with it’s own set of commandments known as the 10 Virendments. Take the Sehwagology personality test at your own risk.

Whilst some laud Virender to the point of evangelism others think that Sehwag is a bastard. Check out King’s –  over at King Cricket – take on Veeru.

Colonial Statistical Opinionated Links. . .

Simon Wilde at the Times has ruffled a few Indian feathers by arguing that if they beat Sri Lanka and rise to the top of the Test rankings India will not deserve it. That’s worth a look in itself. But you might also be surprised to know the finer details of the left handed batsmen supremacy in world cricket in every decade since the 1950s. He also picks the current top ten batsmen  under the age of 24.

Reverse Sweep Links…

WCW’s very own David Green takes us through the talking points of the week that was cricket in the third edition of “The Reverse Sweep”.  Wanna see some audacious reverse sweeps? Here’s some youtube gold as Sachin plays an exquisite one, KP swats Murali, and then Eoin  Morgan plays a ‘reverse’ reverse sweep putting his Irish heritage and hurling pedigree to good use.

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