Gansta Cricket Rap

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The chorus

“From bullets to balls, from cats to bats, from the streets of concrete to grass and mats, we’re playing cricket!”

This is the incredible true story of how cricket is keeping the Compton Homies and Popz away from lives of crime and gang warfare. The Compton Cricket club was established by Ted Hayes who preached that cricket is a tool “to teach people how to respect themselves and respect authority so they stop killing each other”.

The club which primarily includes ex Hispanic/Latino and African American would-be gang members and homeless men, aims to address the issues of anti-social activities and homelessness through the ethics and discipline espoused by the etiquette of Cricket.

Twelve years on from the formation of the Compton Homies and Popz, as the cricketers are known, the Hayes brothers and their teammates have put down their bats and balls for long enough to record a hip hop number with a pro-cricket, anti-violence message. The video clip for Bullets features members of the team wandering the streets of their neighbourhood wearing cricket sweaters, and a special guest, the Hayes’ sister Joanna, who won gold in the women’s 100-metres hurdles at the Athens Olympics. This month, Bullets outgunned a field of classics to be voted No. 1 in a best cricket songs’ XI compiled by The Guardian.

By the team overcoming their own adversity, they hope to spread the etiquette, sportsmanship, and ambassadorship of Goodwill and Peace espoused by Cricket culture throughout other socially and economically deprived neighborhoods and inner cities not only in America but throughout the globe.

Also featured in the video is former West Indian fast bowler Franklin Rose cotchin with the homies.

Whilst cricket is working for the kids some of their members have still got sucked it by the Gangsta lifestyle and some respect is played at the end of the video respect is paid to Jesse Cazerez, 20 who lost his life as an innocent victim in gang warfare.

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