How to Watch Live Cricket Online For Free

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How to Watch Live Cricket Online For Free is a question I see all the time. But on the web it’s hard to get a straight answer.

So many sites are abusing the fact that the answer is searched for so often and producing spammy Adwords style pages with ads and no answers. I want to put this right and provide the different methods I know to watch live cricket for free online. I don’t pretend to be an expert but have done it many times before. Your feedback would be much appreciated as well.

Method 1: The Sopcast Method

Sopcast is a media player in a similar vein to Windows Media Player that becomes the platform to view the games from. It’s one of the best around because it isn’t spyware like so many of the other players that require a download.

Step 1. Download Sopcast and create account

Step 2. Go to MyP2P.

MyP2P is a peer to peer network that shows you all the live sporting schedules and it shows you which links are places where the game you want to watch is being streamed.

Step3. On the MyP2P click on the top tab “LIVE SPORTS”

Step4. Click on the “Cricket” tab

Step5. All the games going on should be listed there. Find the game you want to watch and then click on the “TV ICON” to the right hand side of the screen.

Step6. A number of links streaming the game should appear. Click on the one that says “SOPCAST”. This should automatically get the right channel in Sopcast.

Step7. Enjoy the live cricket.


  • usually good high quality streaming
  • safe software


  • have to download sopcast
  • slightly time consuming

Method 2: The Justin TV Method

Simply go to and type in the game you are looking for into the search bar. usually has around 3 live streams for Test matches and has links to the right locations.

It is a one-stop shop but it does have its problems . . .


  • simple
  • one-stop shop
  • fast


  • usually lower quality streams than sopcast
  • channels can get very crowded that cause the streams to drag and stick occasionally

Method 3: The Pure MyP2P Method

Step1. Go to MyP2P as before.

Step2. “Live Sports Tab”

Step3. “Cricket”

Step4. select match and hit the “TV ICON”.

Step5. From the list of links there are usually ones that have common media players such as windows media player. Quite often these are links but often they are live streaming channels that are quite reliable.


  • very simple
  • very quick
  • channels do not tend to get so full and therefore less buffering issues


  • can be low quality streams

Each method works. I’ve used them all in the past. The choice is really up to you.

World Cricket Watch would love to hear your thoughts on these methods and help us to improve them. We want the whole world to be watching cricket and the more channels of access the better.

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