Meet My Mate Kenny Kennington

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As World Cricket Watch continues on its voyage for worldwide cricket stardom its begun to meet some really esteemed friends. None more so than Kenny Kennington, the Surrey Mascot. On returning briefly to the UK to pick up my England Cricket shirt, I was shocked and excited to findĀ  out that one of my good friends from uni was leading a double life, an alter ego if you will (like that of Batman not Superman) . Armed with only a heavily ice padded fur coat and clown shoes he is doing it for the kids and wooing the Oval crowds with a bizarre mix of breakdancing, moonwalking, and some heavy hip hop shit. His Mortal Kombat “finish him” finishing move is the caterpillar round the oval brocking out to beats of Snoop Doggy Dog. Glowing reviews for Kenny keep flooding in, take a look at this one from Spin Magazine here. A day in the life of Kenny Kennington was also published from a rival Kenny in Harris Sport Thoughts.

We had to get our hands on the mut . . .

It’s about time to Meet my Mate Kenny Kennington

Accolades – 3rd Place in the Dog and Bitch Challenge Certificate (CC) for the Special Puppy category, Crufts 2001

– Runner up Shagger of the year 2007 (pipped by Russel Brand)

– Kenny Kennington bounced back in becoming the 2008 Twenty20 Finals Mascot Race Winner

Party TricksĀ  – When not sniffing arses, shagging legs, and pissing up trees you’ll find Kenny spinning on his head, moonwalking, doing the robot from 1984, worm/caterpillar combo much much more. Get yourselves down the oval.

Pre-Match Preparation – A pre-match walk followed by wearing a supplementary ice body suit.

Interesting Statistic – On average a mascot will burn a staggering 840 calories per hour entertaining crowds at a Twenty20 Game. In Kenny Kennington’s case it’s 1,300.


some WCW friends at the Brit Oval . . .


A Gangster Kenny Kennington . . .


More exclusive World Cricket Watch interviews will definitely follow this year.

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  1. Dogging like Collymore says

    I met Kenny once and I have to said he is probably the nicest, most gentle and loving dog I have ever had the pleasure to meet, he should definitely find a nice lady dog to roll around in the park with….

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