Mongoose Launches New Premium MMi3 cricket bat

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A few weeks back we featured an article that introduced the Old School Cricket Bats Hall of Fame. Now it’s the turn of thinking about some of the bats of the future. One particular “bat of the future” is that of the Mongoose brand.  The most notable outing for “the bat equivalent of a cluster bomb” came back in March when that bully Matthew Hayden smashed six fours and seven sixes off his first 35 balls on his way to 74 off 38 balls to propel his Chennai Super Kings to beat Delhi in this year’s IPL.

But now the guys at Mongoose have just given World Cricket Watch news of the latest launch of the next generation of cricket bat. Here’s the news:

“As England bid to retain the Ashes down under this winter, revolutionary cricket brand, Mongoose, has launched its new premium MMi3 cricket bat, designed to enable players to hit the ball even faster, harder and further. The MCC approved bat is scientifically proven to provide 15% more bat speed and 20 % more power than a conventional bat.

You too can follow in the footsteps of Mongoose ambassadors such as Matthew Hayden, James Anderson and Stuart Law and wow team-mates with more sixes and increased batting averages.

Custom made bats are available, made from top grade English Willow and come in weights ranging from light (size 4, junior bats) to heavy (3 lb).

Mongoose bats cost from £50.00 (RRP) for junior bats and from £150-£329 (RRP) for adult bats. For a full list of retailers, please visit: or phone 01244 644466.”

What do you think of the Mongoose cricket bats? Does it give batsmen an unfair advantage? How effective are the bats?

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  1. Allan R says

    Well they look a bit odd, but appear to be legal so thats fine. But if I were bowling I’d be bouncing the bastard with so much less bat area chances are in a horizintal shot, youll beat the bat.

  2. Paul Stewart says

    So you would bounce the bastard would you? Well, whether he is using a Mongoose or a conventional bat, his bat playing the hook will be pretty much horizontal and the extra bounce will either be met by the width of the bat or not, as the case may be. But if the bastard has a Mongoose and connects, you will get a rest after the exertion of bowling a bouncer while the ball is retrieved!

  3. Kael H says

    Not so much bouncers, but a slightly short ball near off stump might cause problems. I have never used the bat but I think it would be interesting to see how it preforms.

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