Peter “Marlon Brando” Siddle Does Shakespeare

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The Pavilion is going to be Melbourne’s hottest play of the summer. It’s attracted a great deal of attention from Cricket Australia, cricket fans and cheeky Victorian cricketers alike. So much so that Peter “Marlon Brando” Siddle and Clint “Eastwood” McKay actually auditioned for the lead roles. You can watch Peter Siddle’s  audition below:

Part 1:


Part 2:

Not content with supporting roles in the play, Siddle and McKay proceeded to terrorise the more established members of the cast.


Part 3:

More shenanigans from Peter Siddle on set go unnoticed by director Tom Peterson.


An Interview with Director Tom Peterson and 12th Man Eden Porter

Tom Peterson and Eden Porter came into the studio to talk to us on the weekly cricket podcast One Hand One Bounce. You can listen to the interview by clicking play below.

      1. Interview with Tom Peterson and Eden Porter

The Pavilion is playing at the Chapel off Chapel from Feb 25th to Mar 25th…

We’ve already blogged about The Pavilion: Not Just A Play About Cricket with all details on dates, ticketing, show times and more.

You can check out their official website and book tickets here – be sure to book your tickets before it sells out.

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