Q: Who Holds the Highest Cricket Score Ever?

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A: Brian Charles Lara – 400 not out

In at #1

Watch him hit the highest cricket score ever – 400 not out – and become the first man to ever record a quadruple century in Test Match cricket . . .

Not content with holding the world record for test highest score at 375 not out; and absolutely fuming at Matthew Hayden for smashing his record with 380 runs, Brian Charles Lara has to be considered one of the all time greats of the game amounting an incredible 400 not out against a hapless England in the 4th test on the 10th April 2004.

Top 5 Highest Test Cricket Scores Ever

  • #1 Brian Lara 400 not out
  • #2 Matthew Hayden 380
  • #3 Brian Lara 375 not out
  • #4 Garfield Sobers 365 not out
  • #5 Len Hutton 364

Sobers (365 not out) took the record for the highest ever test score from Hutton (364). In sequence, it was then broken by Lara (375 not out), then Hayden (380) and finally it was regained by Lara (400 not out).

Footage of the Top 5 Highest Test Cricket Scores

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