The Best Cricket Ad Ever!

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Nike India has produced the best ever cricket ad. Indian cricket fans I’m sure saw this ages ago and love it.

Check this groundbreaking ad out!!

What an awesome ad! I’ve never seen a cricket ad that really encapsulates the energy and vibrancy of cricket. It’s also so culturally appropriate. Whilst I’ve never been to India — no doubt it’s one of the next places to travel to¬† with amazing colours, vibrant energetic people and exotic food– I have met and played tennis ball/street cricket with plenty of Indian guys in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur.

This cricket ad just clocks into my tennis ball cricket days and strikes a real chord.

Can you name the cricket sponsors of all the world cricket teams?? answers to follow . . .

India – Nike (no shit sherlock!)

Australia – Adidas

Bangladesh –

England – Adidas

New Zealand – Canterbury

Pakistan – Slazenger

South Africa – Hummel

Sri Lanka – Dialog??

West Indies – Vampire

Zimbabwe – ???

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