The Interblogactic IPL Battle – Blogger Wars

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An Insiders Look into the IPL Blogger Wars

What is the Interblogactic IPL battle? Which blogs are providing the most entertaining coverage of the IPL? We have the answers thanks to a guest post from an up and coming cricket blogger. We are delighted to welcome Rishabh Bablani from  The Adventures of Billy the Worm to our world to provide his special behind the scenes look at this intriguing battle unfolding. If you’re unaware of Rishabh’s talents you should check out his blog and his Billy the Worm comic  strips.

With the IPL underway, most people are eager to watch and find out who will make the semis, or who will be the orange or purple cap wearer for the day.

In the meantime, another battle is heating up as the semis edge closer – The Interblogactic IPL Battle. It’s hosted by Paddle Sweep, with eight different blogs – each representing a team in the IPL. Points are awarded if your team wins, and also if the least expensive bowler or batsman with the best strike rate is in your team. Votes also count for a significant part of points.

The team I’m covering is the Kolkata Knight Riders, and while they have been erratic, forty-eight percent of the votes (as I write this) have propelled me to the top of this table. Of course, Kolkata’s chances of making the semis are pretty thin, so my campaign could well end prematurely! This is definitely better than last year though, when KKR deservedly walked away with the wooden spoon, so I’m not complaining.

All Padded Up represents the Mumbai Indians, who are the IPL’s table toppers – so they are genuine contenders for the top spot in the blog battle too. Mumbai’s recent rough patch hasn’t exactly gone APU’s way, but they’ve still maintained a lead over the others – from second place.

Arctic Monkey covers the Delhi Daredevils, who haven’t been at their best. Both the blog and the team are currently in third place, but the DD is pretty explosive and a couple of good games could see Arctic Monkey climb up the table soon.

Forward Short Leg rounds up the top four, supporting the Rajasthan Royals. They were both considered underdogs, but some Warne magic has kept their chances afloat, with a semifinal spot well within reach. FSL also has a decent lead over the next four, but anything can happen in the tussle for fourth place.

Poshin’s World is all about the Royal Challengers Bangalore, having even met some of their players and the coach Ray Jennings. RCB, though, have let him down in recent times by losing four out of five games, but they did recover after that. With RCB in second place with one foot in the semis, Poshin’s World can definitely push forward after securing plenty of votes as well.

Sidthegnomenater’s Thoughts from the Dustbin is an Aussie blog, but has shown good support for the Chennai Super Kings even as they constantly underachieve. Her response to their erratic form? Poetry. Well rhymed, truthful, entertaining poetry. Chennai aren’t yet out of it, so here’s hoping that they do qualify just to see some more rhymes!

Paddle Sweep, the home team, are rooting for Deccan Chargers, who may be in seventh place but are only trailing fourth place by two points. PS, though, trails by quite a distance, and only a string of wins for DC and a semi spot could see them rise up further.

The Ultimate Cricketer was burdened with the unfortunate task of covering the Kings XI Punjab, the disaster story of this year’s IPL. Like Punjab, TUC languishes in last place with all chances of a semifinal spot erased, with only pride to play for. To be fair, pride seems to be a good motivator – they’ve won their last two games, and both the blog and the team will be looking to cause upsets in their remaining games.

That’s the lowdown on the Interblogactic IPL Battle. Who will win? Who will closely miss out? Is it time for lunch yet? Watch this space.

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  1. says

    Personally, I am no longer posting about the team that shall not be named since it seems to put the jinx of them and I am totally willing to risk losing the blog wars to see them make the semis 😀

  2. David Siddall says

    Yeah i’ve been wearing the same underpants for a month now in support of the mumbai indians…

  3. says

    I’m a Mumbai supporter, rooting for KKR in the blog wars. I used to hate KKR, but now the team’s like a kid I feel sorry for because he always gets bullied.

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