Who Will Be the Greatest Cricketer of the (Next) Decade?

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mohammed aamer

Left: Might Mohammed Aamer be the Best Cricketer of the Next Decade?

All those cricket tragics out there (myself included), at one point in time, descend into a weird mental state of “one-up-man-ship” engaging in mammoth cricketing debates about absolute shite. Now for ordinary people this is when they turn off, tune out and piss off if they cannot see the segue into avenues more fun. And the WAGS (Wives and Girfriends) want to lob off your balls for having an hour long chat as to whether Murali is better than Warne because Warne never had to face the Australian batsmen and had McGrath in his armoury. Don’t do it.

Well being a tragic myself, I found another one of these debates going on at the Guardian about who was the best cricketer of the last decade.¬† Warne, McGrath, Ponting, Gilchrist, Tendulkar, Kallis, Murali, Jayawardene and Ashley Giles made up the obvious candidates and the predictable “one-up-man-ship” pursued. We’ve been there before several times with our debates on the World Cricket Test Team for 2009, Greatest Team in History of Cricket, Greatest Test Batsmen Ever and Twenty20 Dream Team. You either love ’em or hate ’em.

Amongst the inevitable fracas and differences of opinion however, a much more awesome sounding debate could be seen¬† in the commenter who went by the alias of ‘luke the drifter’ . . . WHICH CRICKETERS WILL WE BE TALKING ABOUT IN 2020? Hopefully we can track him and get him to expand on his thoughts. But here’s what he said.

Are These Names Going To Be the Best 5 in World Cricket by 2020? (by Luke the Drifter)

1) JP Duminy – He is going to trash records and entertain fans like no one else. He already has the technique. His main competition is within his own team: AB de Villiers is currently the better player.

2) Shakib al-Hasan – Already takes five fors and scores centuries. He is also the best captain on the sub-continent at present. Bangladesh are lucky to have him; he would be in my world eleven already.

3) Adrian Barath – Little Lara looks unbelievably talented. He’s part of a generation of exciting young West Indian cricketers.

4) Umar Akmal – vying with Barath for the title of best under-20 batsman in the world. Already scored a superb ODI century.

5) Mohammad Aamer – there is no competition here. Already in the top 10 bowlers in the world for my money, and he’s not yet 18 years old. He’s going to be the best quick in the world by the time he’s 23.

Who Else Should We Look Out For?

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