BREAKING: Shocking ICC plot to justify UDRS revealed

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daryl harper aka ICC Secret WeaponA dossier has come into the possession of the Reverse Sweep today.

It provides shocking evidence of the ICC’s desperate plan to justify the ridiculous Umpire Decision Review System.

Before the dawn of 2010 the only fans of the system were the Channel 9 Cheerleaders Squad, who let’s face it still yearn for the days of World Series Cricket when television held the cricket world to ransom.

Thankfully the Sky Sports and Test Match Sofa teams have all remained sceptical of an obviously flawed system

So the ICC had to come up with a plan to gain support for the UDRS amongst cricket players, supporters and commentators worldwide.

That plan has been unleashed on an unsuspecting cricket public in the 3rd Test between England and South Africa at Newlands.

And today The Reverse Sweep exclusively reveals details of the plot.

It is called Daryl Harper.

The ICC decided that the only way it could gain support for the UDRS would be to send the most incompetent umpire in cricket history to Cape Town and let his ineptitude take hold.

Already Harper’s diabolical decisions against Prince and KP have resulted in the appearance that the UDRS is not such a bad system.

So the only solution to stop support for the UDRS to continue to grow is to annihilate the Australian umpire.

So if anyone knows any friendly muggers or carjackers in Cape Town or Johannesburg, please pay them generously.

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