Listen to the Best Alternative Cricket Commentary on WCW

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The World Cricket Watch homepage has changed very slightly. . .

But Can You Spot the Difference?

Clue: The cricketing acronym TMS stands for what?

Answer: We now provide you with the most entertaining and irreverent cricket commentary you’ll ever come across.

Please visit the right sidebar to start listening to this new, exciting brand of commentary from people like you and me – passionate cricket fans. As you can see, we’re not laying claim to creating this service.  But we are very jealous of the guys who did. If you still haven’t twigged, I’m talking about the Test Match Sofa team. Here’s what’s coming up…

Listen to the IPL Semis and Final and the T20 World Cup

Tom from the sofa has just given us the new and improved code for the player. It comes just in time for the IPL semis and final. They’ll also be covering the T20 World Cup from the Caribbean in the upcoming weeks. If you haven’t experienced the TMS fix yet, I suggest you give it a go.

You can also follow @TestMatchSofa on Twitter. Tweet them during commentary and they’ll even give you a shout out!

Oh and one last thing. If you run a cricket website, you too can also feature the TMS player on your site. Just visit Test Match Sofa and drop them an email. Tom, Dan and the rest of the team are a very friendly bunch as you might imagine and they’ll hook you up.

Right, I’m off to calm myself down before the excitement of the semi-finals tonight.

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