Watson Circus Continues…

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watson and katich together at the striker's endShane Watson doesn’t do himself any favours.  After failing to get that elusive century succumbing for 96 only the other week, and that ludicrous celebration that had Chris Gayle labelling him soft, Shane Watson has done it again in even more comical fashion (yes it is possible).

On 93 with Australia cruising, the prospect of a century looked inevitable until he decided to run himself out from the non-strikers end in a dreadful mix-up.

Here’s the Watson Play by Play

Australia find themselves 160 or 170 for 0, Katich and Watson both capitalizing on 2 dropped regulation catches.

Katich guides a rather innocuous delivery backwards of square and takes two or three paces down the track.

There’s probably a single available.

Watson runs through for a single without any obvious call.

The ball is fielded and thrown in at the bowlers end and the stumps are knocked over.

Meanwhile at the strikers end Katich has turned round and cantered back into his crease.

All hell breaks loose as Katich looks at the non-strikers end in bemusement as his partner has disappeared.

A quick glance over his shoulder a moment later he sees Shane Watson about to cry 7 runs short of his first century.

In typical fashion Shane doesn’t wanna leave and it goes to the third umpire – whoever grounded their bat first at the strikers end stays in.

Without even knowing Katich beats Watson to the prize as he gets his foot back a split second before Shane.

Watson’s dream remains elusive but his re-emergence into the Australian outfit as an opener remains impressive. Whether you like him or not, you wouldn’t wish the agony of waiting for a maiden test century any longer upon any cricketer.

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