World Cricket Watch Launches World Cricket TV

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youtubeToday is a great day for World Cricket Watch. Blaise and myself got together last night to shoot some video and launch World Cricket TV.

{Tell me where! Go to the home of World Cricket TV now . . .}

World Cricket TV is just some shits and giggles that I hope cricket fans can enjoy and play a part in. Each week we’ll be discussing the world cricket news, previewing upcoming series, picking our dream cricket teams and farting tunefully about how much we love and hate everything about cricket.

World Cricket TV is currently very low no budget, you may be able to tell. But from tiny acorns mighty oaks grow (please insert a more cliched anecdote here).

Anyhow, we hope you can join in the fun and tell us how wrong we are about cricket. We look forward to hearing from you.

We’ve already started chitshatting about some cricket issues, including predictions for the cricketing year of 2009:

1. Who would your World Test Team be for 2009?

Watch the discussion for our world cricket team of 2009

Go to the world cricket tv channel

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