A Flat Pitch is a Commercially Sound Pitch

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A Flat Pitch is a Commercially Sound pitch. The corporate truth behind a flat pitch is a very disappointing one. It doesn’t make for inspiring test cricket with results producing nail biting series. Blaise Murphet spoke about the bore of flat pitches amid a rant about cricket technology. Now one of my favourite analysts and guys David Lloyd, aka “Bumble” is jumping on the bandwagon:

His Skysports blog talked of England’s chances of getting 20 wickets on the dead Barbados wicket. . .

Flat Chance

“I am increasingly concerned about flat pitches. In my eyes they are corporate pitches to ensure five days of revenue.

When I was involved with England I asked the Chief Executive whether he’d rather see England win an Ashes Test match in three days or a five-day draw. He said he’d rather have the five-day option.

You can’t fool me. What they are doing is taking all of the grass off, rolling it to death and ensuring the pitch is dead. That means the match will last five days and they’ll get their full compliment of revenue.

It’s a very short-sighted approach. That’s why people are saying Test match cricket is boring, and let’s be honest the Barbados Test was unbelievably dull.

You need zest, you need spice and you need the chance of a result.”

For more of Bumble click here.

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