Cricket Has Never Been Directly Attacked Like This Before

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Reaction to the attack of Sri Lankan cricketers in the Pakistan city of Lahore.

This is something completely new for the sport of cricket. It is a phenomenon which is frankly terrifying. Whilst Sri Lanka has a history of civil war and India and Pakistan face perennial disagreements over the region of Kashmere cricket has never been the main target of such dispicable acts of terrorism.

Events like which we are seeing unfold today will hopefully never be seen again. But the harsh reality is money pumped into the game will serve to raise the profile of the game. The proliferation of huge media networks and the way in which cricket is so heavily covered makes a cricket match the perfect stage for a terrorist attack with amplified effect. The terrorists’ message will be projected to all parts of the world.

What I’m getting at is easy to explain using an analogy that I think might stick in your minds. On September 11th 2001 the western world was rocked in spectacular scenes that looked more like a scene out of a Hollywood blockbuster like Deep Impact or Independence Day.

Two of the pillars, foundations that western society was built on, came crashing down in a staggered manner for gigantic audiences  to witness. This form of media event was christened the “CNN effect”. The real time, mass communicated, graphic coverage via the TV network giant exacerbated  the situation by amplifying and resonating the terrorists message.

At moments like these time simply stands still. Everybody remembers where they were when the second plane hit the World Trade Centre.

The events and reaction unfolding as we speak after the attacks in Lahore are dwarfed in scale by the effects of 9 11. Nevertheless parallels can very easily be drawn. The “CNN effect” may be much smaller but cricket can no longer consider itself immune from such terrorism.

Cricketers are competing on the world stage to captured audiences in the millions. This in itself is enough to see why terrorists might want to share the stage with them. This issue evidently needs to be addressed by the cricket authorities.

The increase of security at cricket matches is a very sad but necessary measure which immediately needs to be implemented to ensure that these great athletes can perform to the best of their abilities in a safe environment.


Sri Lankan cricketer gets interviewed by CNN.

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