England Camp in Turmoil – It’s Time for Moores to go

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Moores and Pietersen trying to solve English Cricket

Moores and Pietersen trying to solve English Cricket

The cricket press in England are a strange breed of fickle, doomsayers that pounce on the slightest downturn in fortunes of their National team and blow it up to meteoric proportions. Take the large volumes of negative press surrounding the Nasser Hussain/Duncan Fletcher reign in which England made considerable progress with a lacklustre side. The latest debacle a Rift between Kevin Pietersen and Peter Moores that needs to be resolved will no doubt be blown up to similar proportions. However this time around the attention is warranted.

A falling out between a coach and captain is an untenable position in cricket. But more to the point  is the sorry state of English cricket since the dramatic fall from grace of Duncan Fletcher.

Hows do you see England in the world order of cricket?

Here’s how Scyld Berry, top Telegraph writer sees it . . .

“Australia are in disarray. Yet it is India and South Africa who are grabbing at their crown,
while England are nowhere to be seen. In almost two years since Duncan Fletcher stood down
as their coach, England have beaten only the two weakest of the major Test teams, West
Indies and New Zealand. All the countries that England used to be on a par with – South
Africa, India and Sri Lanka – have beaten England, and not by close margins either.”

This abysmal record in what seemed to be a prospering period for English cricket in terms of personnel and prospects is simply unacceptable.

Can England resolve this situation? If someone should get the axe who should it be?

Nasser Hussain talking to Sky Sports News outlines the problematic situation:

“Pietersen is outgoing, single-minded; Moores is much more measured, diplomatic. So there is
a personality clash there but now the players know that and at any meeting, whether it be
before the Ashes or before the West Indies, when Moores speaks the players will be thinking
‘KP doesn’t buy into this, or KP thinks this is a load of rubbish. Who are we going to listen

The future of England’s success rests heavily on the shoulders of Kevin Pietersen. Peter Moores, on the other hand, in reality, is dispensable. If they don’t see eye to eye somebody is going  to get the chop. This power struggle only has one winner.

“If you are asking me who is more important, Kevin Pietersen or Peter Moores, then there is
only one winner and that’s Kevin Pietersen; that’s what he knows and that’s why he’s
probably flexing his muscles” Hussain laments

Will Moores get the sack? Could Gilo be stand in coach for the upcoming series with the West Indies?

We’ll keep you posted

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