England Twenty 20 Cricket Woes

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england-twenty201I hate writing negative posts about English cricket right now. But if I was searching for some positives you’d be waiting a long time. England’s recent performances have been about as good as the Pope declaring condom use to be a satanic act in his recent Africa trip. And their selection policies regarding Twenty 20 are on the same level.

Anybody could pick a Twenty 20 XI from county cricket that would be able to beat the current England Twenty 20 selection. Those were the words of Darren Gough, ODI bowler and ballroom dancer prancer extraordinaire speaking to Sky Sports.

After much deliberation you are inclined to go along with what Goughy said. The standard of Twenty 20 cricket you can see in the County game is really not that bad.

On that note I wanted to write a post on England’s Twenty20 cricket woes.

BUT instead I found a sterling comment that summed up the hearts and minds of every cricket fan in the nation regarding our woeful record and style in the Twenty 20 stage.


“The secret of success in the Twenty20 games is surely to pack your side with people who can bowl, bat and field well. Winning is about managing risk, so having a greater number of team members who can do all three things well will surely shorten the odds of winning.

The shortened format of the game demands that batsmen need to take chances – they need good hand to eye coordination, fast reaction times and be able to hit through the ball as well as deflect it through the gaps. Some will score well and others will inevitably fail – that’s why you need to bat down to number 10 and 11….but you can’t afford to let ball after ball go sailing by because you haven’t got a stroke in your locker to cope with it. It frustrates the hell out of us supporters when you do that!

Similarly, it is almost never about pace when it comes to successful bowlers – it’s accuracy and variation that counts, so please can we see some evidence of bowlers being able to bowl the ball in the right place. You’re supposed to be professionals…so why all the wides and no balls, to say nothing of the half volleys and full tosses.

For crying out loud, England! The difference between good and bad fielding in Twenty20 can be as many as thirty runs saved per innings or 2 to 3 wickets taken with good run-outs and catches so we cannot afford to be fielding any carthorses, can we? As a spectator, it’s easy to be critical like Goughy, but Yikes – surely we can come up with something that doesn’t make us the butt of all the inevitable mickey-taking amongst our friends and colleagues.

It was bad enough getting the treatment from the Australians and South Africans at work. We can now add the Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans and West Indians to the list of those who can proudly display their bragging rights. Come on England. We are fickle enough to heap praise on you when you win a game, so please, let’s not rely on the law of averages.”

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