IPL Kicks Off

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mccullum lights up the opening night of the IPL

Today I feel like I do before a big party. Anticipation of a heady fun-packed event that will hopefully take me away from the mundane nature of our day-to-day existence. With the IPL Version 2 about to be thrust upon us it really is an exiting time to be a cricket supporter. Like King Khan dancing in the stands, I’ll be rocking around the lounge room and lapping up the opening stanza’s of cricket’s great new spectacle.

However, I guess the question that arises is, how long will my adulation last? Like being at a birthday party, the start of the party is always the most fun. Finding and enjoying a brand new environment can be very exhilarating. But I often feel that party’s can tend to drag. Quite often you can find yourself standing there feeling somewhat bemused at the ever-extending hilarity, and this was exactly the kind of feeling I felt around halfway through the original IPL.

I guess the original incarnation of the IPL was in one way blessed, and in another way damned, by the extraordinary opening night performance of Brendon McCullum. His absolutely outstanding batting display for King Khan’s Kolkota Knight Riders was a sensational opening to the event. However, as the matches kept going and going, there crept into the tournament a feeling of sameness. How many different ways is there to hit a ball over a rope? McCullum’s initial innings paved the way for all batsmen in the tournament, and there was of course some incredibly exciting cricket throughout. But in some ways, no one performance ever bettered the diminutive Kiwi’s initial knock.

But I guess the trick to an extended session of T20 is to pick and choose. Generally, International T20 games are only a one or two game series, whereas the IPL is incredibly drawn out. Yes, there is an amazing array of players to watch, but I feel that eventually, with the games continuing off through May, that some viewers such as I will start to feel the effects of IPL-it is, the rare condition where too many sixes are eventually enough.

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