The Greatest Batsman of All Time (Positions 20-11)

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Who are the greatest batsmen ever? (Part 1 20-11)

The recent imperious form of Ricky Ponting has further highlighted his claim to be recognised as the best batsman of his generation. We are indeed fortunate that this era has seen three great batting champions in the shape of Ponting, Brian Lara and Sachin Tendulkar. Although there is and will continue to be debate and conjecture as to who is the best of the three, for my money it is the Australian captain who is the pre-eminent force. It’s obviously a difficult choice, but in my view Ponting has played the greater number of match winning or game saving innings during his career.

Whoever is the best modern day batsman (and there will never be common consensus on this one!), all three princes must rank amongst the twenty best batsmen to ever play the game. This leads rather aptly to my own list of the greatest batsmen ever.

Being in my mid-thirties, I obviously do not have the benefit of seeing the great players of yesteryear live at the crease. Thus, I have relied on my extensive collection of Wisden and other cricket books, plus newsreel footage and general knowledge of the game in order to arrive at my final list.

The twenty names are based primarily on Test cricket, which is undoubtedly the real barometer of a batsman’s ability and greatness. In any case, international limited overs cricket was not played before 1971 so we will never know how Bradman, Hammond and other such great batsmen will have fared in this form of the game. Naturally, comparing players from different generations is difficult as the game has changed irrevocably over the course of its history with covered pitches, faster scoring rates and changes to the laws of the game. As such, Ponting will never play on a ‘sticky dog’, but can be adjudged leg before to a ball pitching outside off-stump, which would not have been the case before 1935.

It has been an agonising process to come down to the final twenty names and several great names have not made the cut. Hopefully, it will provoke some discussion and debate amongst Cricket fans worldwide.

Here are numbers 20-11 in reverse order:

20. Kumar Ranjitsinhji (England) – 15 Tests, 2 100s, 6 50s, Average 44.95, HS 170

An Indian prince and giant of Victorian and Edwardian cricket, Ranji was credited with bringing several new strokes into the game including the late cut and was an early exponent of back foot defence. Widely considered to be one of the greatest batsmen of all time prior to World War I, Neville Cardus aptly described the stylish and unorthodox Ranji as “the midsummer night’s dream of cricket”.

19. Clyde Walcott (West Indies) – 44 Tests, 15 100s, 14 50s, Average 56.68, HS 220

The second of the ‘three Ws’ on this list, Walcott played an instrumental role in the first West Indian victory on English soil at Lord’s in 1950 scoring 168 not out. Along with Weekes, he was arguably the best batsman in the World during the mid-1950s reaching his peak with an incredible five hundreds and 827 runs during Australia’s first Test series in the Caribbean.

18. Greg Chappell (Australia) – 87 Tests, 24 100s, 31 50s, Average 53.86, HS 247*

The best Australian batsman of the seventies and early eighties, Chappell allied steadfast concentration with attractive stroke making. Despite his excellent Test record, perhaps his best batting was during the World Series Cricket schism where he made 621 runs at 69 in five ‘Super Tests’ versus the mighty West Indies in the Caribbean in 1979.

17. Sunil Gavaskar (India) – 125 Tests, 34 100s, 45 50s, Average 51.12, HS 236*

Gavaskar was one of the best openers of all-time and the pre-eminent Indian batsman before Tendulkar – the man who broke his record of most Test match centuries. A brilliant batsman against fast bowling, Gavaskar scored a superlative 13 centuries at an average of 65.45 against the formidable West Indies side of the seventies and eighties.

16. Javed Miandad (Pakistan) – 124 Tests, 23 100s, 43 50s, Average 52.57, HS 280*

The greatest Pakistani batsman ever, Miandad was a precocious teenage prodigy scoring a century on debut and in the same series breaking George Headley’s record as the youngest player to score a Test match double century. His non-textbook style, pugnacity and ability to rile bowlers made him a thorn in the side of most opponents during a long and glittering career.

15. William ‘W.G’ Grace (England) – 22 Tests, 2 100s, 5 50s, Average 32.29, HS 170

Until Bradman, Grace was regarded as the greatest cricket player ever and was certainly one of the most competitive. Over the course of a 44 year career, he transcended the sport and in the words of John Arlott “created modern cricket”. Amongst other nicknames, Grace was known as “the Champion” and one of his contemporaries and fellow all-time great batsmen Ranjitsinhji said of him in the Jubilee Book of Cricket “I hold him to be not only the finest player born or unborn, but the maker of modern batting”.

14. Graeme Pollock (South Africa) – 23 Tests, 7 100s, 11 50s, Average 60.97, HS 274

Of those that have played at least 20 Test match innings, Pollock holds the second highest average after Bradman, who described the South African as the best left hander along with Sobers that he had ever seen. Widely recognised as his country’s best ever player, Pollock’s Test career was cut short abruptly at the age of 26 due to the sporting boycott of South Africa.

13. Everton Weekes (West Indies) – 48 Tests, 15 100s, 19 50s, Average 58.61, HS 207

The highest ranked of the immortal ‘three Ws’, Walcott believed that Weekes was the best all-round batsman of the three. An attacking batsman with a vast array of strokes, Weekes made an electric start to Test cricket, reaching 1,000 runs in only his 12th innings, one fewer than Bradman. During this run he also scored five centuries in five consecutive innings against England and India – still a Test record.

12. Leonard Hutton (England) – 79 Tests, 19 100s, 33 50s, Average 56.67, HS 364

Despite World War II robbing him of six years of cricket from the age of 23, Hutton is still considered amongst the giants of English batters. Before the War and at the age of 22, he scored the then highest Test match score of 364 against Australia. Afterwards, he continued to amass runs for Yorkshire and England and became the first professional player to captain his country.

11. Sachin Tendulkar (India) – 159* Tests, 42 100s, 53 50s, Average 54.58, HS 248*

The ‘Little Master’ holds a number of prestigious Test batting records including most runs and most centuries; and he hasn’t finished yet. Other than Hobbs, Tendulkar is the only player to score ten centuries or more against Australia. Many would have him higher in this list – certainly Wisden ranked him behind only Bradman as the second greatest batsman of all time in 2002.

Numbers 10-1…

The 10 Greatest Batsmen of All Time

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  1. Barun Shaw says

    Sachin at no. 11…..unbelievable. He deserves to be in the top 5 list at least. What should be taken into account while ranking him is the pressure (of over a billion people people) under which he plays. No other batsman probably batted under such pressure.
    I must also mention that cricket has become more competitive during his era. I certainly dont have a problem seeing Ponting ranked as high as no. 6 but in all fairness Sachin deserves to ranked higher than what he is ranked now.

  2. David says

    As I said I think Tendulkar is a great batsman and along with Viv Richards, certainly the greatest limited overs batsman of all time.

    I’ve only ranked ten batsmen above him in Test history – which isn’t very many, and so is proof of how highly I rate the Little Master. I accept that Sachin has a unique pressure when batting on behalf of 1 billion people. I would say though that unlike say Lara or George Headley, he also has/had the benefit of several other fantastic batsmen around him (Dravid, Ganguly, Laxman, Sehwag, Azharrudin…) who can/could score runs if he doesn’t/didn’t.

    Obviously it is a very objective exercise trying to select the best batters ever and some (maybe many!) other cricket afficionados will disagree with my final order. To reiterate I placed Tendulkar behind both Lara and Ponting because in both cases I feel that they have played more matchwinning innings over the course of their Test careers than Sachin, and in Lara’s case he made his runs in a very weak side.

  3. Shantanav says

    Its incredible how Sachin can be no 11.His test records speak in itself.In the 90’s Tendulkar was d only batsman on which India’s fortune hinged upon.Oppositions said,”if you get sachin you get India.”……..He is simply the best

  4. Bikram Kumar Chhetri says

    can you go and get fucked off david. you know what?… you do not understand anything about the game of cricket. when you talk about players from the past era including Mr. bradman then you must take into account the most important thing which is the LEVEL OF COMPETITIVENESS in the game in that particular era or decade or period. I cannot help myself but laugh at the fact that there are people with some wierd imagination who bring up a list of top 20 or top 10 batsmen from the mere details that he was able to seek by surfing internet or reading. With time cricket has seen drastic and better changes which makes the game more difficult, more competitive. How many teams did Bradman’s side played against? What was the fastest delivery in his time? Who were his competitors? Did the fielders in his time ever made that extra effot to do something electric apart from just being a mere onlooker. Therefore his average of 99.94 does not impress me. Now all the players that you have mentioned from 70s and 80s were good but not great in my list atleast. I do admire players like Viv Richard, Barry Richards and they will come in my list of legendary players however we are not done with the greatest player yet.
    Now you also talked about Ponting. I would suggest you to add the likes of Hayden, Waugh brothers, Gilchrist and someone else but that is again far from interesting. We all have a common belief and understanding that batting in pressure situation is quite the reverse of just batting alone. I wonder if all the names that I have mentioned before ever had to really bat in pressure against the hopes of billion people expecting you to perform. Rather they always had the comfort and cushioning of the talented players around. And mind you, Ponting never faced Mcgrath or Warne or Lee or Gillespie. And you know what?.. Tendulkar did. He has seen them all done them all. He has faced bowlers of the likes of Malcomm Marshall, Curtly Ambrose, Courtney Walsh, Shaun Pollock, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Imran Khan, Abdul Qadir, Shoaib Akhtar, Bret Lee, Glenn Mcgrath, Shane Warne, Muttaih Murlitharan, Dale Steyn, Mkhaya Ntini and endless. He holds the record for most number of runs in both version of the game leading by miles. He already has the number of centuries that cannot be surpassed ever. And he has played the most modern and recent version of the game and is still scoring as heavilly as ever. It is true that Ponting reached his peak when Tendulkar was not doing great and possibly we can see that as his worst phase in his cricketing career. But in a career spreaded in two long long decades that does happen and I hope we understand that. But as great players do, he is back to his way of scoring runs. And if he is to play for the next two years, forget Ponting or anyone else ever fancying chances of coming closer to his staggering record. AND therefore there is only one great batsman, a genius, a legend, an icon… the name is SACHIN TENDULKAR

  5. says

    Wow Bikram, the article certainly seems to have got up your nose. Look it is just my opinion and I am entitled to mine as much as you are to yours.

    I think Tendulkar is a fantastic batsman, and one of the best ever. You are right that his number of centuries is unlikely to be surpassed, and the fact that he has played at the top level for over 20 years is remarkable. And yes you are also right that Sachin has the added pressure of batting with the eyes of a billion people watching his every move. But at the same time he has also been fortunate for most of his career to have other great Indian batsmen like Azharuddin, Dravid, Laxman, Ganguly and now Sehwag around him.

    It is hard to compare players from different eras. For example the likes of Bradman and Hammond played on uncovered pitches, which when wet could be pretty much unplayable. But by contrast at the same time up to 1934, the leg before rules were more in favour of the batsmen. Also, Bradman did play against some great bowlers – for example people that actually saw Harold Larwood bowl say he was just as quick, if not quicker then the West Indian bowlers of the 70s and 80s.

    Since the late 1990s, pitches have definitely favoured batsmen more than bowlers as evidenced by the significant jump in the number of centuries scored in tests since 2000. Also, great fast bowlers have been less in number and also nullified somewhat by the sheer amount of cricket they play.

    At the end of the day it’s just my opinion. I certainly don’t want to offend anyone; as I said I think Tendulkar is an all-time great.

  6. Godwin says

    Hello sir have you seen Sir DON Bradman’s top eleven cricketers….
    and by the way its based on TEST CRICKET

  7. sankar says

    Absolutely Nonsense.. and U rate ponting and lara better than sachin..? Carry on ur site like this.. No one will follow this site.. atleast we the sachin fans..

  8. DHRUV PAREEK says

    SACHIN at 11th position !!!!are you out of your mind.he is not the best cricketer ever,he is the best sportsman keep your list to yourself and f**k off.

  9. vinod says

    There are so many crazy fans of Sachin that it is hard to say anything against him – Ugte Suraj Ko Sab Namaste Karte Hain and Mera Kuch Bhi Kahna Bekar Hai. Sachin has made 200 runs in One Day and now he has become more powerful like God. In fact there are few persons left, who understand cricket. Most of us like only 4 and 6 and hit of balls on such a batting pitch where a bowler could do nothing. What it is a cricket? Nooooooooooo. Cricket is not this but this is only a MAJAK / murder of cricket, where a bowler has been made helpless and poor. Most of us like 20-20 and IPL. What is this? This is also murder of a game because in a game there should be two competitors of equivalent capacity and caliber but now every rules has been made in favour of batsman even a pitch has been made only for 4 and 6 so that the organizers could earn money because we, fools, go in Stadium and claps on 4 and 6 but we never think about the bowlers. Pitch makers say arrogantly that they have made such batting pitches where more than 350 runs can be made and spectators can enjoy cricket. What a enjoyment? This is hard to believe but in fact, we are not a cricket fan but we are only spectators. We should not forget that Sachin has made his first one day century after 5 years, in the era, when most of fast bowlers had gone out and some of them, who were left, were old and their line and length was not good. Sachin has never faced such fast and furious bowlers who were in 70 and 80. We should not forget that he has never played so good against Ambrose, Walse, Akram, Waqar, Macgrath, Pollac, Allan Donald of that age, though they were old at that time and I have no words for the fast bowlers who are now. Sachin has made so many centuries in cricket but if we count all his centuries even his success, he has made most of runs in low pressure matches, on bat supporting pitches like Sharjah, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangla Desh, against medium pacers and spinners. It is also to be calculated that most of his runs are when he has bat first and there was no target. Whenever he was given target, most of occasion he has failed. We should not forget his first tour to Pakistan when he played well against Qadir but in final overs against Akram, he left Indian in sea. This was the tour, which we have never remembered and remembered that Qadir was out from the game due to him, it was media that his fault was not highlighted because in every field of life and in every era, a hero has been made by the media for the business tycoons so that on his behalf the multinational companies can collect the money by advertising him. Sachin is not so good as Gavaskar was but it is media and we such a cricket fans, almost fool, who do not have any cricket understanding made Sachin, as one of the best player in cricket. I have no word to express my feelings but it is true that Gavaskar and Dravid are better than Sachin. Records do not say the actuality. Records are made to be broken and every records of Sachin will be broken in future and on the basis of his records, we should not admire Sachin but we should admire his caliber and talent which is less than Gavaskar and Dravid

  10. sanjiv says

    Sachin should be in the No.1 spot…
    the next five spots should be vacant..starting from sixth , u can name any player…be it Lara or DOn or VIv.. thats the kind of respect Sachin deserves

  11. CRICKET FAN says

    Plz Do not post such opinions in public view David….Although I agree tht Batsmen of different eras cannot b compared… v can never know who was the better of the two Sachin or Bradman

  12. Viva says

    I agree with the list ,its really so close to what actually the world class batting is all about,though I havent seen the top 10 ,but I am sure we are here going NOT only by Runs but also the manner in which the game was played,cicumstances,and way.
    Would rate Don Bradman,Viv Richards,Brian Lara,Gary Sobers,Sachin Tendulkar and Sunil Gavaskar in that order.

  13. Sanjoy mazumder says

    thats a big jokes in world,sachin is no 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You can go to hellllllllllllllllllllllllll

  14. abhishek says

    This is absolutely ridiculous!! Sachin at 11?? He should have featured in the top 6 at least. And we don’t see a Rahul Dravid in the list! Disgusting! Absolutely novice like selection of the top 20!

  15. Melanie says


    You don’t know much about cricket. You put Sachin and Gavaskar much low in ranking.

    Even Bradman and Sobers agreed that Sachin and Gavaskar were best.

    So you should show name this ranking as your personal choice ‘David’s personal ranking’ and not general. It is starnge.

  16. Kevin says

    This list seemed fare until i got to #11.
    I can’t believe Sachin was listed @ 11. He deserve to be on top of the list, only batsman who can be compared with Sachin is Don Bradman. Those 2 batsmen takes #1 and #2 any day, depends on what stats you are looking at while rating.

  17. bhavesh says

    ohhh big joke the great legend is at no.11,dont push such things in de net ; if u are talking about cricket u first pray to the legend and talk about cricket; ITS (blank) SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR;
    if you are a genius fill up de blank ; i think new word has to be discovered in de dictionary;

  18. Nishant Tailor says

    We cant compare Sachin with Don or Punter or Lara. Sachin is a more versatile of all the batsmen. He is even dominant in T-20s. He meets no class in Odis and test. He is the best in quality.

  19. deb says

    sachin is the best batsman and will remain the best forever no comparision with the god of cricket

  20. yogesh says

    what the hell u think u guys r doing do u have
    any idea what tendulkar is no player is even close to him its not about stats its about the technique how he play don bradman has is the only cricketer who was able to match him or i should say tendulkar surpassed bradman at the age of 20 he created his own shots if he can make 200 in an odi at the age of 37 that can tell u the story that how creative he is don bradman never faced tennis elbow and if he would have face he would have not been able to continue his career and if he would have been so u could see the worst outta him but tendulkar is at is best so there are people better than bradman not to mention tendulkar was,is and will be no 1 but bradman doesn’t deserve no 2 he should not be in the list.go sachin go we know u r the best we don’t require any list we respect u as a batsman as a sportsman and as a human being and sorry for bradman fans but i has observed him very closely as well.

  21. says

    i think pointing is not a greatest of his era .His one-day record is poor.He is far away from sachins feet . WE 1.5 BILLION people belives that sachin is best and even BRADMAN IS NOT NEAR TO HIM.

  22. Manoj says

    I would nt be suprised if mc grath comes first in this list..sachin at no 11 is unacceptable,he should be in top 5 atleast

  23. phani says

    how u decide all time greats?…how bradman no 1 without playing ODI’S…how can you compare past players with present ones without knowing fielding tactics,player weakness. how u rated ricky,sobers,lara,etc above sachin.u neglected the greats of sachin,sehwag,dravid in ur article. u dont have knowledge about sorry for u ..please dont post these type of articles for ur ratings in website which dont worth.

  24. David Siddall says

    As the editor of World Cricket Watch, I can see that this comment thread is starting to get a little out of hand. I just wanted to clear up a few things…

    1) Contrary to popular belief as it seems, all the team at World Cricket Watch in fact love the ‘little master’. As a special tribute to Sachin Tendulkar, we’ve even compiled a place to pay tribute. It features videos of his centuries and records, articles on his career and anything else we can find on the great man.

    If you have anything else to add to this space please suggest it in the comments.

    2) We consider Sachin to be the finest batsmen of his generation. Better than Lara and better than Ponting.

    You can listen to our discussion in episode 6 of the weekly cricket podcast entitled “One Hand One Bounce”

    Or you might like to read “The Fine Wine Debate” as Ponting and Sachin face off…

    3) Since this article was first written way back in 2009, Sachin has gone from strength to strength and has made the author subsequently change his viewpoint. David Green now concedes that Sachin edges it over the likes of Lara and Ponting. In a more recent article he even goes as far to consider Sachin surpassing Don Bradman as the greatest batsman of all time.

    4) We are a team of very open minded cricket fans from around the world who love the game beyond measure. If you want to have a fuller picture of who we are then please sign up for our newsletter on the homepage. If you think you can do a better job or would like to try your hand at some cricket writing then please be our guest. WCW welcomes writers and different voices from all around the world.

  25. yogesh says

    look guys don’t fight with this guy bradman is on top not because of his ability but due to his colour cuz he is a white.

  26. says

    Yogesh, I think your comment is ridiculous. Bradman is on top because like most learned cricket observers, I regard him as the greatest ever batsmen. An average of 99.94 – nearly 40 runs higher than the next best batsman in test history – tells you all you need to know.

  27. Ash says

    Yeah, i agree about Sir Donald Bradman…but placing Sachin at number 11 is ridiculous.He would certainly make it to the top 5 if not the top 3.

  28. Abu says


    Hi! You are entitled to your opinion and its great that your list has drawn such a big response.
    Must say however, your ratings will raise questions…I mean Victor Trumper with an average of 39 point something at number 10 ahead of Sachin Tendulkar and Sunil Gavaskar at no 18 !! Not convincing at all!

    We have not seen Sutcliffe or Trumper bat. We do not know where cricket standards stood in those times! Lots have been written on these old heroes of the game and its possible to be swayed by emotion more than logic! In the fifites and sixties deep fielding did not have the high standards of the modern game and often the mid offs and deep covers accompanied the ball to the boundary. Don Bradman stands apart anyhow, for his amazing average, if not for anything else. After all records do matter, which is why it is difficult for me accept Trumper in ths list.

    In my opinion criketing standards reached their peak in the late seventies, eighties and may be early nineties. Today. the fielding may have improved amazingly, but current playing conditions and batting friendly pitches have killed bowlers! McGrath probably is the last quality fast bowler that we will see!
    I believe the best bowlers played the game between 1975 to 1995. (Roberts, Holding, Marshall, Ambrose from WI, Underwood, Willis, Botham from ENG, Lilee, Thomson, Warne from AUS, Hadlee from NZ, Imran, Sarfaraz, Qadeer, Akram from Pak and Bedi, Chandrasekhar, Kapil Dev from IND ).Therefore batsemn who excelled in this era would, in my view, probably be there at the top. They are – Richards, Grenidge, Lara (WI,), Boycott and Gooch (ENG), Greg Chappel, Border (AUS) , Martin Crowe (NZ) Javed Miandad,(PAK), Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar (IND) (Sachin began playing in 1989) and I would laso like to include Aravinda D’Silva (SRI LAN).
    Include in the list Dravid (began in 1996), Inzamam-ul-haq (began 1992), Ricky Ponting, from the later times and Pollock, Sobers, Sutcliffe, George headley, Hammond, WEeekes, Hutton, Walcott and last but not teleast Bradman (from the earlier age).
    Thats a list of 24. Want to make it 25 then add either Waugh or Barry Richards or Azharuddin or Zaheer Abbas or Md Yusuf (Youhana).
    (1)Gavaskar faced some of the greatest fast bowlers ever with little support in his team and after no exposure to real pace bowling in domestic Indian cricket.
    (2) Some of the great Australian and English batsmen of the old times most played against eachj other and rarely in the subcontinent.
    (3)Inzamam-ul-Haq scored around 23 test centuries, in 17 of which PAK won. (Please correct this data if wrong!)
    (4) What ever the period, and whatever the bowling, Sachin Tendulkar would remain at number one : His records, his all round sucess in all sorts of pitches, bowlers and countries would testify this. Don Bradman stands second in my list of the world’s best ever batsmen.

    Best wishes,


  29. Shane says

    Like I always say compiling these lists is fraught with danger and opening yourself up to punishment but it does get everyone talking. For me I would have: 1. Bradman (based purely on average) 2. Tendulkar (far and away the best player I have seen) Numbers 3 – 20 could be any combination of about 50 players from all different eras that could change in order on a daily basis.

    I would also like to make two suggestions to everyone: 1. That people give the abuse a miss – disagreeing is fine, in fact it is great as it leads to good conversations but don’t type something derogatory or discriminating that you would never in 100 years say to someone’s face. 2. To get a good understanding of the ability of players in the past and how you can try and compare their deeds (as infinitely difficult as it is) I recommend Great Innings by Peter Roebuck. It is heading towards 20 years old now but covers a great range of innings from all era’s and is a great insight into quality players.

  30. Bala says

    Millions have a list containing Sachin as the only greatest batsmen…But yur list places him at 11th..I dont mind…You are just a single person against such millions.. that doesnt matter me a lot..
    One question
    Had you ever seen all those twenty in the list playing

  31. Rohit Bhardwaj says

    If I am to comment on this website. My comments would be as follows:
    Actually I never saw Sir Donald Bradman play cricket. I only saw a few of his clippings in the Black and white. As his outstanding cricket averages suggest both in first class and test match history, he must had been a great player of his time. Its of course an astonishing & unbelievable achievement for any player to have a test average of 99.94 runs. And I guess its going to be very very difficult for any future batsman to break or to even level the same record.
    But for the present time, Sachin is the best in the world.
    Record-wise,Brian Lara could had been around sachin.
    Ricky ponting can be around him or Matthew Hayden could had been around him, had he played more test matches.
    But in this decade or in the next 2 decades, Sachin will be on the top with his brilliant records and of course his style.
    And for the all time favourites in the history, I guess Sachin must be in the top 5 and in fact he is in the top 5 players of cricket.
    And as far as I am concerned I only played for my school and college team. Though I was not such a bad player, I could only dream of playing for the nation. I was selected in the minor levels like 16 and 19, but was not supported by the family. My cousin has played in a single match in IPL for Royal challengers bangalore. His name is Karan Sharma. He is a regular ranji player and plays for U.P and railways. I feel happy that atleast someone in my family could play some cricket if not that much. For me, its going to be my next life. I pray to god a lot that I play cricket for my nation in next life having prowess like sachin or even better than him.

  32. Rai says

    this message of mine is to mr.david green.the article in which he rated the top 20 batsmen in tests.i am replying in an response to one of the fan’s comments.i am astounded dat a guy who writes articles in major cricket sites has the foolishness to rank a legendary icon i.e. Sachin tendulkar at no.11 behind players like ponting and some yester year mr green’s comment,d reason he gave 2 rate sachin behind ponting was, dat sachin had likes of dravid,laxman,ganguly,sehwag to help him,bu did mr green 4get dat those players came good only in the 2000’s n until the 90’s,the sole burden of the country was only one 1 man,sachin.another point, ponting on d other hand alwys had a strong bowling line up 2 depend on,as magrath,warne,lee had the opposition on the mat,so d batsmen job was easier for ponting and all as compard 2 sachin as india is considerd 2 hav a weaker bowling.i also want 2 highlight some players of yester yrs dat mr green has rankd higher dan sachin.sure,dey mite hav slightly higher averages dan sachin but they hav almost not even half d matches as sachin and i knw it mite take hard wrk to get a great average but it takes greater hard work 2 maintain it ovr a span of 20 yrs.dont u remembr in the 90’s ,the saying ”if u get sachin out,den u can get india out” so,sachin shud b rankd in d top 5 bcoz dis guy is not only the finest batsman of his generation but a great role model n a real idol.i am not an indian but still i hav great admiration n respect 4 sachin n i hope people like david show dat as well.i normally dont react to sports articles but i had to on dis,mr green u shud give some more thought n consideration b4 u go slamming some ranking next time.i hope my message gets heard…

  33. David Siddall says

    Wow! Sachin just gets better and better doesn’t he?

    – Now has > 14,000 test runs
    – ICC cricketer of the year 2010
    – 6 centuries SO FAR
    – Averages ~95 for 2010
    – Has scored > 300 runs more than the 2nd highest runscorer for the year

    Thanks for all of the comments.

    We actually discuss the legacy that the Little Master is gonna leave behind and contrast that to the legacy of Don Bradman in the latest One Hand One Bounce podcast. You can listen to it here…

  34. SS says

    David, you are so right. Your list of all time great batsmen is the best I have ever come across. Everything is perfect about it. Don’t mind about all the Sachin fans because he deserves to be at that spot. I don’t understand what all those sachin fans are talking about. Pressure? Let me remind all of them that Sachin never had the pressure of being dropped from the team and that’s what motivated him to score runs.
    I’ve not seen most of them bat but Ricky Ponting is the greatest batsman I’ve seen.
    Again, David, thanks for the list.

  35. rags says

    mr. david i think average doesn’t matter that much its always
    with respect to the number of innings a player has played.sachin has played 3 times more innings than sir don, u cannt compare sir don’s average with others this is absolutelypathetic.
    suppose a player scores a double century in his debut and retires then his overall average would be far more than sir’ don’s average then would u regard him as no.1 batsman.

  36. Dipak says

    There shuld nt b ne debate on whether sachin shud b in top 5 or top 3 list of all time plyrs coz he is d god of crickt nd gods don’t need ne rankngs.

  37. Sameer says

    hahahaha good one buddy…solid reply to all..U know about cricket thats all i can say..Sir please bless me and David Siddall…so that we can be more humble like you..Sir Sachin is best of all time..

  38. Shy says

    wow david – interesting to see your sudden change in opinion after the last year regarding our generation’s greats but this is not too far off although your views on sachin vs ponting seem to be both interchangeable and misguided from the outset

  39. David Siddall says

    I think you are getting confused Shy. I didn’t author this article. I’m the editor. But I have a lot to say on it 🙂

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