The IPL is SO Money!

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Are the Side Effects of Money in the IPL Worth It?

Whilst the Commonwealth Games may be approaching it is still the IPL which is considered by most to be India’s biggest sports carnival. The global recession seems to have not affected anybody who is a part of the Indian Premier League.

The IPL has approximately 85 players. Talking about the brands, there are about 115 brands which are endorsing these players and everything around them. The brands sponsor everything under the sun from a catch, to a six, boundary, half century, century everything. They have even occupied the giant screen for every decision.

How can we analyse these events?

How can we ignore the advertisements? IPL broadcast has shown us a different style of telecasting advertisements. In case if the batsman is hit by a bouncer on his helmet, within no time advertisements will cover those twenty seconds. I wonder if a day comes when after every bowl, there is an advertisement covering the follow up and the run up of the bowler only to telecast the bowl being bowled!

I mean, on one hand, we can consider IPL to be a good platform for players like Ambati Raidu, Saurabh Tiwari, Vinay Kumar who have to try and make an impact on the Indian national selectors with little time to spare. On the other hand, the payment which they receive might actually force them to create comfort zones of their own. Take this case study for example…

We all know what happened to Ravindra Jadeja. Ask Shane Warne and he will tell you how badly Rajasthan Royals have been missing him throughout the tournament. He was banned as he was indulged in ‘the law of bargaining.’ The all rounder has been suffering a ban which is to be reconsidered by the BCCI. But I guess it’s not his fault.
It’s the enormous amount of cash flow which tends to drive the youngsters to think beyond cricket!

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  1. Seb Benton says

    Hi Im doing a dissertation at university on the impact IPL has had on the cricket industry and was wondering if you could feed me back some information on your thoughts. I agree that the IPL is a stepping stone to accomplishing its globalisation of the sport but do you think the IPL will just fade away in the next few years? Do you have other articles similar to this?

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