Why Would Mohammad Amir Be Involved in Match Fixing?

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This cricket writer is still in a state of shock after the game was rocked by yet another Pakistani match-fixing scandal. If you’re yet to see the England vs Pakistan Match Fixing Scandal video footage then I suggest you give it a watch to explore the evidence for yourself. I’m sure you can jump to your own conclusions but I for one am convinced that the evidence for foul play speaks for itself.

As a cricket fan, the fact that this kind of stuff can take place at all is beyond troubling. I fail to see why a professional cricketer has to stoop to these levels to make a quick buck. Money and greed make grown men do very bizarre things in particular, but what other motivation could there be for such an act? In fact the man at the centre of the News of the World revelations – Mazhar Majeed – is caught on camera saying that the reason the players do it is because they “get paid peanuts”. Whilst this may appear to be the only plausible explanation in some of the players implicated, such as Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Kamran Akmal; in the case of Mohammad Amir it just makes no sense whatsoever.

Why Would Mohammad Amir Be Involved in Match-Fixing?

This question truly perplexes me. It’s a riddle I just don’t want to solve. Mohammad Amir has been the brightest spark of the entire summer of cricket. At only 18 years of age he stands with the world at his feet, in awe of his mesmerizing mix of left arm swing bowling. He looks a more complete bowler than Wasim Akram – incidentally his idol – was at the age of 18. It’s no understatement to consider Amir the most exciting young cricketer of his generation in world cricket at present. He’d get into a current world XI on merit with Dale Steyn arguably his only superior in the bowling outfit.

Considering the calibre of Amir and the highest regard this writer holds him, the question of why he’d be involved in such an accident just gets even more perplexing. We live in an age of cricket where a player of Amir’s immense talent is likely to get the pay check to match. What kind of sums are we talking? In 2009 Andrew Flintoff and Kevin Pietersen each fetched a staggering $1.55m in the IPL auction. That represents a phenomenal pay day.

Whilst Pakistani players were snubbed in the latest edition of the IPL, it would appear impossible to ignore the talent of this bowling sensation the next time around. A big pay day is surely just around the corner. And at 18, Mohammad Amir is likely to have at least 10 years of IPL action.  If you were to average out his pay at a conservative $200,000 per edition that would work out to be a small fortune, far from peanuts!

This cricketer writer does not have the answers but hopefully somebody out there does. Why Would Mohammad Amir Be Involved in Match Fixing? Tell us in the Comments…

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  1. says

    The evidence seems to be strongly against Pakistan. The footage cannot be just coincidental. Why was Amir involved? Money.

    Pakistan cricket is in such a mess that there are no test matches scheduled at home. When the team travels outside, such deals attract them.

    Though I agree with the author’s comments that the IPL folks cannot ignore him, considering the political situation Pakistan is in right now, who knows when there will be a situation of Pakistan players being selected and played in IPL? Very unlikely. What are the other options to make use of their talent? Sad but true.

  2. Aliza Shehzad says

    I didn’t see Amir took the money and confirmed that he agreed to the match fixing. Anyone sees such footage? Then stop accusing and stop the propaganda until the investigation is completed. He is not guilty unless proven otherwise. I personally think it is a set up fueled by media propaganda to further destroy Pakistani Cricket. The media sell more news at the cost of one of the brightest talent in the game. IT IS UNFAIR

  3. Eggnostriva says

    You would have to say that he could have been a bit more subtle. How many other times in the match did he overstep by a foot. You will often see bowlers miss the line by a couple of inches, but I suppose it could be just coincidence that at the agreed times for no balls to be bowled, he over stepped so far.

  4. David Siddall says

    Thanks for the comment. You have to also bare in mind that Amir had previously never committed a no ball in first class or test match cricket. I think all conspiracy theories can be thrown out the window now as much as we’d all love it to not be true. Michael Holding pretty much summed up the situation when he pretty much burst into tears pondering why Mohammad Amir would do such a thing.

  5. says

    dear world of loving cricketers it is to inform dat kindly do something to help my talented cricketer to get rid of this mystry so that all the world can see him live in action as soon as possible stil if anyone feels n says he is guilty for allmighty,s sake forgive him for first n last time AS a teacher or a parent forgives his student or child and as everybudy knows that of wht age he is


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