Sachin Tendulkar final career statistics

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The 24 year international career of a man who is an icon all over the world and a god in his homeland is over.

Only a fraction of sportsmen ever make it as elite athletes. Of those, a fraction represent their country. Of those that make it to international level, few make it to the pinnacle of their sport. Sachin Tendulkar has remained at the pinnacle of his sport for 24 years straight. It’s hard (perhaps impossible?) to think of a person who has the same kind of longevity in professional elite sport.

While statistics are said to never tell the whole story in cricket, one look at the Little Master’s final career statistics are more telling than most.

Perhaps the most telling of all stats has to be that of most international centuries and runs.

Most international centuries and runs

Sachin Tendulkar final career statistics

Besides having a staggering 29 more centuries than his nearest rival, Sachin also has almost 7,000 more runs than his understudy.

Most Test runs in history

Most international Test runs

200 matches, close to 16,000 Test runs, 51 centuries (7 more than his nearest rival), and an average above 50 for the most part achieved when a plus 50 average was a rarity.

Most ODI runs in history

most odi runs

Over 18,000 ODI runs (almost 5,000 more than his nearest rival), the first man to ever record a double century, and a World Cup crown to cap his career, Sachin Tendulkar is without a doubt the finest ODI batsman the game has ever seen.

These stats, whilst only telling half the Tendulkar story, are simply groundbreaking. Sachin Tendulkar tells the other half of the story in his tear-jerking speech in Mumbai.



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