Sachin Tendulkar Double Century Video

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Sachin Tendulkar 200 NOT OUT

In the 2nd ODI between India and South Africa, Sachin Tendulkar has recorded a record-breaking double century. You can relive this Sachin Tendulkar double century video as many times as you like. Is Sachin Tendulkar (Don Bradman aside) the greatest batsmen of all time? Not too long ago David Green placed Sachin Tendulkar as the 11 greatest batsman of all time, albeit largely based on test cricket.  It received a hell of a lot of criticism and some of the most passionate responses out there. And we love that at World Cricket Watch.

Maybe we were wrong… Watch this video, Sachin gets better with age!

Sachind Tendulkar Double Century Video

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  1. David Siddall says

    Incredible innings, he’s 36 and has the pressure of 1 billion people but you wouldn’t know it to look at him. Breathtaking!

  2. saikumar ganji says

    “bharatha rathna” is india’s most prestigious award given away by indian govt to its deserving citizens! n truley sachin deserves it as no one else deserved to get a 200* !!!!!!!!

  3. Sai Satardekar says

    I m a gr8 fan of sachin, once again he has proved that he is a world class batsman, and a very kind hearted person, undoubtedly he deserves the Bharat Ratna,(gem of India). Words will fall short 4 his praises. Jai Hind

  4. muhammad imtiaz sharif says

    i think that sachin is the best player of the world . he has proved himself as a great batsman of the history . he is now 37 but he has the ability to play more and more for his country. sachin is a lucky hitter… .. .. where ever he is luck is always with him…………. he is the man who gives pleasure to his nationals….
    that,s all……….

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