Can You Pick a Better World Cricket Team?

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Who would you pick in your world cricket team? For the first installment of World Cricket TV Blaise Murphet and David Siddall discuss their world cricket test XI. The ICC Rankings have got it all wrong and probably so have we. But we gave it a whirl. Let us know your world test XI in the comments . . .


The time filming the first installment of World Cricket TV just seemed to fly by. It would seem we could easily chitstat about this team for hours upon hours but instead we managed to limit it to under 20 mins.

Now for the keepers and best bowling attacks in the world . . .  (part deux)

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  1. Felix says

    Like the list, I’m wondering whether Rahul Dravid should be on there or not though. I wouldn’t mind seeing an all-time line up either. Might be even more mixed up than that one was.


  2. David Siddall says

    Yeah he’s a good shout. The whole indian middle order is pretty formidable. What would everybody’s world test XI or all time world XI be?

  3. Lineham says

    Sids you are a loser. KP? Tendulkar shit. Hussey? you never did know much about the game mate

  4. David Siddall says

    @Lineham I’m sure Pietersen would prove us wrong for not picking him in our world XIs. Tendulkar shit??? I could think of a billion people who would disagree with you and then a billion more in India who would also.

    Hussey, Mr Cricket is a tough one. Maybe he should be in for Khan, what would your team be?

  5. Lineham says

    Smith, Gayle, Ponting, KP, Kallis, Hussey, Dhoni, Flintoff, Johnson, Steyn, Murali (although he chucks it)

    Sharma is drivel

  6. JD says

    Those guys had no clue. seriously im an aussie. i would not have ponting there. we’re picking a team on end of 2008/09 form not all round form. Murali NO! sehwag got smashed up by new zealand and they have less ability then the under-19’s bangladesh squad thats just about to go to england. and seriously english guy why the hell would you choose haddin no one in australia rates him hes crap he let through of 100 byes in the test series vs. south africa

    Honestly some good choices some stupid ones. if you want to know here’s mine!

    1.Smith- for finnally beating us on home soil
    2.Gambhir- average of 54.07
    3.Chanderpaul-no.1 batter on icc rankings
    4.Y.Khan- triple century…. must i say more?
    5.A.B De Villiers- For averaging 89.25 this year
    6.B.McCullum(wk)- is on fire after century vs. India
    7.M.Johnson-moved up order 2 allow longer bowling list
    8.Vettori-Most in form spinner + batting=Great
    9.J.Taylor-For form in carribean where the pitches suited batsmen more than any other pitch in world
    10.Steyn- career bowling average=11.90
    11.Z.Khan- Best bowler of the 08/09 season for me.

    12.Duminy- Wanted solid batsmen + bowling ability.

  7. Billy says

    1. G smith
    2.K Sangakara
    3. R Ponting
    4. S tendulkar
    5. S Chanderpaul
    6. J Kallis
    7.A Flintoff
    8. D Vettori
    9. B Lee
    10. D Steyn
    11. Murail

  8. David Siddall says

    @ JD Thanks for the feedback. Your thoughts on Ponting and Sehwag really confuse me.We’re picking a team for the year of 2009, not simply based on form at the turn of the year. Ponting is a shoe-in for my money and I conceded it’s a toss-up between Sehwag and Gambhir if you’re choosing between them. I think moving Mitchell Johnson up the order takes away his impact, 7 recognised batsman is a must.

    @ Billy Thanks for the comments. I think you’ve picked a really good side. I can definitely see a case for Flintoff in there if he can rediscover his batting. Vettori is a great man to have in any cricket side but I reckon Johnson would still get my vote.

    Next week we pick our Twenty 20 world XIs with the world cup only months away.

  9. Billy says

    vettori would only replace johnson on a turning wicket
    and i think brett lee when in form is far better than ishant sharma

  10. Billy says

    if johnson did play flintoff and vettori would be dropped chanderpaul would bat @7 while kevin petersen would move to 5

  11. JD says

    Ricky Ponting has had no form over the past three test series. He hasn’t made a test century in 10+ test matches and as a number three that’s a neccesety for me. Mitch Johnson as you may have heard 97* after being stranded by the tailenders. I think he would need more time too bat which is why i chose him there. I am very sorry if i offended you video makers just angry at some selections. And Sehwag really (for me) is not a opener in his aggression. I stand solid on my comment of Haddin, he couldnt catch a cold in winter. By the way thank you for the replies really like your opppinions coz i’ve been looking for somewhere to talk cricket and btw im only 13 but have been watching cricket for as long as i can remember. Im starting to follow county on cricinfo and i reccomend you follow Australian State cricket + South African + New Zealand cricket because it gives you an insight into all countries up and coming talent plus what you are too excpect when the un-known come touring your country.

    my tips are to watch out for

    Van Wyk-WK/RSA

  12. David Siddall says

    @JD No offense taken whatsoever. I’m glad you liked the video and chose to discuss your world cricket team here.

    I’ll definitely watch out for Van Wyk and Cornelius.

    Be very interested to hear your Twenty 20 world team for the upcoming twenty 20 world cup.

  13. JD says

    I have to say that the all-rounders and wicket keepers shine in the twenty/20’s especially mccullum.

    1.McCullum(WK-Highest score in t/20’s best t/20 in my mind
    2.Warner- Crazy Cricketer
    4.D.Hussey- has really come in form in t/20’s during RSA series
    6.C.White-Crazy batsmen + leg spin abillity
    7.A.Morkel- Explosive batsmen in any format.
    8.Vettori- Best limited overs spinner. NO DOUBT
    9.Bracken- Eco rate= Perfect
    10.Steyn- Always gets wickets. Works well with tait
    11.Tait-Faster than Steyn gets wickets when needed.

    Need suggestions for 3 and 5
    Cant wait for next video

  14. David Siddall says

    That’s a very interesting team so far JD. Very aussie dense. I don’t wanna give away the team just yet. Think it will be very different from yours . . .

  15. JD says

    Yer i’ve just realised that. But i think maybe Gayle in for warner coz of experience and maybe someone in for huss coz i still think tait and bracken are the most impact making bowlers in limited overs cricket.

  16. JD says

    Yurvaj and Oram are good choices but again you wouldnt pick ponting. Hes not a wham,bam thank you maim kind of player and i think Lee needs to prove himself.

  17. David Siddall says

    @ Billy That’s a really good team Billy, I’m unsure of Symonds and Lee in there with their ongoing problems.

    @JD I might not go for Ponting in my team (haven’t decided yet) but he is awesome. He does give it a lot of tap. What has Cameron White ever done on the world stage?

  18. Billy says

    iv actullaly changed my mind

    m hussey

  19. Billy says

    im not sure myself about symonds but there isnt much more competion please say if you have any suggestions

  20. David Siddall says

    definitely a good choice, interestingly Symonds fetched the 4th highest money in the IPL auction behind Pietersen, Flintoff and Dhoni.

  21. Lineham says

    JD: you buffoon, Steyn doesnt have a career bowling average of 11 thats his batting average. his bowling is about 23.5

  22. David Siddall says

    Sorry for the delay Billy, we’re recording a bunch of videos this mon. Blaise has had a serious bout of the flu. I’ll keep you posted.

  23. JHN Piyasundara says

    Sangakkara (wc/wk)
    Ponting (c)

  24. says

    Late to the party here having just found this site, so I will nominate a team based on the last 12 months. Picking World XI’s is an impossible task and naming one is to ask for abuse but here goes: Sehwag, Katich, Sangakkara, Tendulkar, Kallis, Amla, Dhoni, Swan, Steyn, Amir and Asif. The batting options are endless – Ponting, Gambhir, Laxman, Dravid, Clarke, Taylor, DeVilliers, Jayawardena, Strauss, Hussey, Smith and so on. Vettori is probably unlucky too but Swan is bowling too well.

  25. umair chaudhary says

    salman butt
    imran nazir
    muhammad yousuf
    younus khan(vc)
    umer akmal
    shahid afridi(c)
    muhmmad aamir
    umer gull
    shoaib akhter
    saeed ajmal

  26. Allan R says

    I’m enclined to agree. Gayle needs to be there. Althogh it paines me to agree with Lineham as he seems to be somewhat of a douche bag based on his comments.

  27. Pakistan! Zindabad! says

    I like the line-up!
    Heres my XI:
    Graeme Smith
    Virender Sehwag
    Rahul Dravid
    Sachin Tendulkar
    Younus Khan*
    Shiv Chanderpaul/Chris Gayle
    Jacques Kallis
    Umar Gul
    Mohammad Aamir
    Mohammad Asif

  28. Pakistan! Zindabad! says

    It was supposed to be this!
    Sachin Tendulkar
    Virender Sehwag
    Rahul Dravid
    Mohammad Yousuf
    Younus Khan
    Shiv Chanderpaul
    Zulqarnain Haider
    Umar Gul
    Graeme Swann
    Mohammad Aamir
    Mohammad AsIF


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