Cricket Talk Show The Sledge Episode 6 at Harmony in Cricket Day

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Watch the latest episode of The Sledge – the cricket talk show that’s taking an irreverent look at all things cricket this summer.

The panel attempt to pick apart Australia’s so near and yet so far attempt at the number one spot in world cricket, ponder who Ponting’s most likely replacement is, hang out at the Harmony in Cricket T20 as Lasith Malinga terroririses some local cricketers, and check in on the India-England series as the visitors look for a first series victory since 1985.

Who: Nick Hancock, Jonathan Howcroft (Editor of and Dave Siddall (Editor of

What: The Sledge panel exhume the Australian ashes, get flustered over Faf, and report from the Harmony in Cricket T20 from Monash Clayton, where Lasith Malinga tries to kill a bunch of district cricketers. Also, Nick’s commissions his younger sister to make a tribute to Ricky Ponting.

You can find The Sledge on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, or if you’re slightly more old-fashioned, you can shoot them an e-mail. Episodes of The Sledge air weekly on Melbourne’s C31, Tuesday nights at 6:30pm.

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