Is this the Greatest Cricket Catch Ever?

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The best and greatest cricket catch ever discussion is always hotly debated. Over the years there have been a number of amazing catches that just boggle the mind – think Angelo Matthews, Adam Voges, Mayu Pasupati, Paul Collingwood, or this compilation of the 25 Best Catches Ever.

Now, courtesy of New Zealand’s domestic T20 competition, there is an acrobatic contender that wipes the floor with everything that has gone before.

Check the Greatest Catch contender out below:

Central Stags’ Bevan Small and Michael Mason combined to take the wicket of Northern Knights batsman Brad Wilson. 12th man Small dived skywards and backwards to claim a catch over the boundary rope. Still hanging in mid air, he had the time and composure to fling the ball to Mason who snaffled the catch.

The catch comes from the same crop as the aforementioned Matthews and Voges catches but surely this one takes the prize.

Share Your Candidates for the Greatest Ever Catch in the Comments…

1. John Dyson catches Sylvester Clarke at the SCG in ’81 – from Shane Tapley

2. Steve Waugh catches Roger Harper at the MCG in ’89 – from Shane Tapley

3. Glenn McGrath catches Michael Vaughan – from Punter Steve

4. Matt Sinclair catches Matthew Hayden – from Matthew Wood (all the Matts!)

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  1. Shane Tapley says

    This catch is very impressive but if I was to pick the two best I have seen it would be John Dyson catching Sylvester Clarke at the SCG in ’81 and Steve Waugh tracking back from the 30 metre circle to catch Roger Harper one handed basically behind the sidescreen (yes they used to be on wheels on the field) in a one dayer at the MCG in ’89. Yep clearly showing my age now.

  2. David Siddall says

    Great to hear from you Shane. That Steve Waugh catch was incredible. I managed to find some footage of it as well. How dangerous were the sightscreens in those days?

    I’ve updated the article with the two catches you mention.

  3. srinivas says

    Hey guys..I am searching all over the net..a catch was taken by 4guys some 25 yrs back cricket match..1st keeper bumps it and slip fielder bumps it and 2nd slip guys hit it up wiyh his leg and finally 4th guy takes the catch..can any one find..I have seen this catch on indian tv..some england match I guess..

  4. David Siddall says

    Hey Srinivas. Thanks for your comment. I think I know the catch you are talking about. If it’s the one I’m thinking of, then it’s an Australian catch from Mark Taylor off the bowling of Michael Bevan.

    It comes off the keeper, then he dollies it, then he kicks it back up with his foot to finally snaffle it.

    You can watch it here:

    Is that the right one?

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