Tell us Your Cricket Dream Team of the Decade

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The year is 2010. It seems like only yesterday it was the start of a new millennium. With this is mind, who would be in your cricket dream teams of the noughties?

I’ve found a very interesting video on Youtube where the Skysports team pick their teams of the decade. Can you pick a better team than the 4 ex England captains of Gower, Botham, Atherton and Hussain? Also, look out for Shaun Pollock’s and Bumble’s XIs.

5 players appear in every single side.

Who would you pick? Post your teams in the comments below…

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    Team of the decade is even harder. Most of those were pretty good the only one’s that made no sense were Bumble picking Trescothick and Nass picking Dravid to open, both of these are ridiculous considering the opening options available. Can’t believe no one picked Hayden, although I guess they believe Smith is the better of the two. Anyway here is my line up: Hayden, Sehwag, Ponting, Tendulkar, Lara, Gilchrist, Flintoff, Warne, Pollock, Murali and McGrath. The only toss up for me is who would bat at 11 – tough choice. On the overall record Flintoff might be lucky but it is hard to forget just how good he was in 2005.


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