The Sledge Special: A Festive Cricket Quiz Show

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Can you tell which tweets are from Shane Warne and which aren’t? Can you tell Vladimir Putin and Nasser Hussein apart? These are just a couple of the very important questions tackled on The Sledge’s first ever quiz special.

The team goes all quiz show on us, pitting the Eric Hollies (Aural Contraception’s Suren Jayemanne and World Cricket Watch’s David Siddall) against the Hansie Cronjes (The Sunday Showdown’s Dilruk Jayasinha and BackPageLead’s Jonathan Howcroft) in a no-holds-barred contest to discover who’s the saddest, nerdiest, pale-est cricket-fact-loving duo!

If you’ve got any ideas for segments, then Nicko Hancock’s warped brain would love to hear them. Shoot him some Sledge Mail at mail(at)

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