Ashes 2010: The Special Significance of The Number 87

We all have our little superstitions. And, when it comes to sport, a lot of sportsmen and fans alike have their own set of beliefs and superstitions. In Australian cricket specifically, 87 is believed or seen as the devil’s number for several reasons.

But how come Aussie cricketers and cricket fans dislike the number 87? Why is this number even significant to them? If you’ve never heard of this superstition before, it’s best you learn more about it.

It is widely known that superstitions can play a big role in the outcome of sports matches. So, if you know something that might influence the outcome of a test or match, you may as well use it in your cricket betting strategy, right?

Here, we take a closer look at the significance of the number 87 to Australian cricketers, and why they believe it brings bad luck.

Reasoning Behind the Belief

Aussie cricketers and cricket fans alike believe that the number 87 is bad luck or the devil’s number. They believe this because 87 is 13 shy of 100. They also have somewhat of a history of bad luck with the number during test matches to be honest, which gives this unlikely belief some form of credibility.

Even though the belief is held by many cricketers and fans, a study found that the superstition is in fact just that, superstition with no cause to believe it.

Why it is a Fallacy

While many Aussie batsmen have fallen victim to the ‘unlucky 87’, there are loads of other batsmen who actually managed to get themselves out of an 87. This proves that the superstition cannot be taken seriously, even though a lot of people in Australia seems to believe in it to this day.

Top 5 Unluckiest Aussie Batsmen

To date, only 4 batsmen were incapable of coming out of an 87, while many others were able to do so. These ‘unlucky’ batsmen are SP Jones, J Ryder, KR Stackpole and of course Clem Hill. Hill can be seen as the unluckiest of the bunch, as he holds two scores of 87.

Other Superstitions

But Australia is not the only country with beliefs and superstitions. If 87 is an unlucky number in Australian cricket, 111 (which is also called a Nelson) can be seen as the English counterpart. Yet, the belief is not as popular seeing that only three English batsmen had fallen on a score of 111.

The Nelson

Why a falling out on 111 is considered unlucky is unclear, but we do have some information as to why it is also called a Nelson. It is believed that this refers to Lord Nelson, who apparently had lost his eye, his arm and his leg. The notion of calling a 111 a Nelson was popularised by David Shepherd.

Betting on Cricket in India

Being aware of some countries’ beliefs and superstitions can be helpful when you are betting in several markets in cricket. Remember to take note of any helpful information that can guide you into placing informed bets.

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