The Most Exciting Cricket Blogs on the Web

If you are a cricket fanatic who also loves betting on it, you should already be following a couple of blogs online. If this is not already part of your betting strategy, it would be a great idea to start following some experts and fellow cricket fans online.

There are a lot of cricket blogs online that can help you finetune your cricket betting strategy. At World Cricket Watch, we have a few that we follow diligently. Here, we share our list of the best and most exciting cricket blogs you should start following today.

Against the Spin

First up, we have Against the Spin. This blog is an absolute must if you are serious about betting on cricket. Here, expert cricket fans carefully dissect cricket data and statistics which is invaluable information in any cricket bettor’s arsenal. The information is also offered in a fun and educational way, which makes it easy to follow and apply.


In the mood for some light cricket banter? Then Cricket=Action=Art is the place to be! While the blog does not offer much in terms of cricket commentary, you will enjoy the fun images while interacting with fellow cricket fans and bettors. This is a great blog for some socialising with like-minded fans.


BCCI, or Bored Cricket Crazy Indians, is a must-subscribe for all Indian cricket bettors and fans out there. The blog offers everything from expert commentary, to open forums where fans and bettors get to interact and discuss matches, results, players and so much more! While international cricket is discussed, the main focus of the blog is cricket in India.

Cricket Current

For those who take their cricket betting seriously, Cricket Current is the way to go. This blog is not only reputable but boasts thousands of loyal subscribers who rely on the transparent commentary and thorough coverage of the Indian Premier League. Take your cricket betting to a new level when you subscribe to Cricket Current.

Cricket Tier

Cricket is not a very popular sport when it comes to the USA. Cricket Tier can be seen as the ideal blog to follow if you are a newbie, American, or just someone interested in learning everything there is to know about the sport. The writers also provide loads of information that newbie cricket bettors can benefit from.

Doosra Redux

If you want to sink your teeth into great reading that chronicles cricket in India in every aspect, Doosra Redux is the blog for you. Dileep Premachandran is an established Indian writer that brings new life to cricket commentary. You’ll be looking at this sport in a whole new way when subscribing to this blog.

Eye on Cricket

Are you planning on betting on cricket matches in the USA? Then you have to subscribe to Samir Chopra’s cricket blog Eye on Cricket. Here, the writer provides some expert insights on cricket matches played in the United States, which can be great if you plan on betting in these markets.

Ducking Beamers

Next up, we have Ducking Beamers. Of all the blogs in our list of top-rated cricket blogs, this one stands out in terms of details shared. The blogger provides in-depth coverage on all aspects of cricket, the sport in general, matches, teams and players. A definite must for avid cricket bettors in India.

King Cricket

The King, as he is known, is a well-established cricket expert who makes regular guest appearances on several top-rated cricket blogs. On the King Cricket blog, you’ll find plenty of helpful information, statistics and more all geared to inform you on the latest updates in the world of cricket.

Test Match Sofa

And last but not least, we have Test Match Sofa. You may recognise the name from some of the podcasts we feature here at World Cricket Watch. The truth of the matter is Test Match Sofa is by far one of the best cricket blogs you can subscribe to. Their expert analysis and commentary are sure to help you come up with an excellent betting strategy.

There you have it! We highly recommend subscribing to all or any one of these exciting cricket blogs. Not only will you enjoy the content published, but it will help you in devising a winning cricket betting strategy.

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