Introducing the Cricket Website Awards 2009

When it comes to cricket and cricket betting, any fan will tell you that they have at least one or more cricket website they follow diligently. And, with so many great cricket websites out there, finding the perfect one for you can be a little bit difficult.

Each of these great websites offers fans a wide variety of information, entertainment, match highlights, commentary and so much more. With the help of these experts, any cricket bettor in India can adjust their betting strategy and make it successful.

World Cricket Watch is proud to announce the annual WCW Cricket Website Awards. In 2009, we had quite an impressive list of participants. Here’s who made the cut in 2009.


CricInfo is first on the list and should be no new name to you. The ESPN site was founded in 1993 and is considered to be the go-to for cricket fans from around the globe. Here, cricket bettors can find a wide array of information, data and stats as well as expert commentary and live coverage of test matches.

BBC Sport Cricket

Next up, we’ve got BBC Sport Cricket. This site is dedicated to cricket and a must for anyone serious about the sport and betting on it. BBC is known for providing reliable and unbiased coverage of events, matches and more. You’ll also find feature pieces as well as an excellent commentary on this excellent cricket website.

Cricket World

Some say that Cricket World is right up there next to CricInfo, and we tend to agree. There is nothing that this reliable website covers when it comes to cricket. The site is a hub of cricket information, statistics, match results and other important information necessary when betting on the sport.

King Cricket

Our list of nominees would be incomplete without King Cricket, that’s for sure. The King has already won several esteemed awards and boasts recommendations from The Guardian among other accolades. King Cricket is known as one of the most comprehensive cricket websites of our time.

Bored Cricket Crazy Indians

And finally, we have none other than BCCI, or Bored Cricket Crazy Indians. The site offers a whole string of things while mixing it up with classic cricket humour. If it is high-quality cricket information you are after, you can’t go wrong when subscribing to BCCI.

So, who would you vote for in this roundup? Best to take a look and subscribe to one of these award-winning cricket websites today. Not only will they keep you informed, but you’ll also find helpful information that can help you place better bets!

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